A night of love

On the last day of February, snow white outside the heaviest land and brushes meadows moonlight make it luminous pearl beads almost one of us coveted in stealing, I took a bottle of wine and I walked did not feel cold my body heated the encounter plummeted steps and accelerated again looked at the entrance impossible If I make a mistake, that is why I walked to the door. I hesitated in his ways. Maybe it became cold with me. It’s three years. I don’t know you won’t believe me. Do not want to enter here do not prefer Enter will not change in your thing and whether or not enter and close the door behind you and sit there on the chair in the corners I want you to stay away please No, not all, I miss you. You are still beautiful and your voice is affectionate and your gaze is still charming as you are, and you still think that I am this child who laughs at this talk is enough enough? You know you’re a despicable man, don’t say this. I love you.I love you but the circumstances circumstances our band, shut up if you continue in this method I will have to expel you from my house …… followed

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