Coronavirus (dragon coming from the east)

Today the whole world differs from last year 2019, the streets in more than 120 empty countries, restaurants, stadiums, places of worship, and some state departments, and some imposed a mandatory curfew, and not more than that, the army took to the streets, closed the borders, and the movement of airports stopped all that Because of this malicious epidemic coming from the east from China, people have turned from fun, work, play, tourism and travel to loneliness and sitting at home, just watching TV and mobile phones, all of that happened within three months, things turned out radically, and everyone lived in a real state of terror That the dragon come and uproot their lives and the dragon has no mercy on anyone No one provides a large belly, for life no matter how beautiful it is and we adhere to it because we live on hope our Lord is one coincidence that took us from life to life, but today the dragon lurks and wants to eat and set a role for each of us so God knows when the role will come to us and destroy us the Dragon.


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    Called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you.!

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  6. vincenza63 · أبريل 8

    In God we trust! He’s the Almighty!

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    Bedankt voor het volgen van mijn blog.Zorg goed voor jezelf

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    Es un placer el saber que has decidido seguirme en mi web: Te voy a ayudar a entender cada paso de los que fui dando a lo largo de las páginas de mi novela “S.H. El Señor de la Historia”. Me encanta la idea de compartir contigo esa riqueza de las personas que buscan vivir en profundidad el sentido de nuestro estar aquí haciendo historia.
    Mary Carmen

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  10. Marian Catholic · أبريل 16

    This virus is one ferocious breath of fire. Apparently, it was produced or engineered in a lab situated about 300 yards from the Wuhan wildlife meat market. Its E-protein is 100% identical to that of SARS which is unnatural. Corona isn’t simply an offshoot of SARS. Moreover, this virus appears to have been programmed to be transmitted from human to human, so Case O couldn’t have been infected by a wild animal. The incubation period can last up to 37 days, unlike other flu viruses that manifest the symptoms in 2-5 days. Many people around the world have been infected because of asymptomatic travelers. I hope China’s lack of transparency from November on to late January wasn’t a deliberate act to export infected people to other countries.

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  11. viewfromoverthehill · أبريل 19

    My heart breaks for those who have lost dear ones and I hope this ends soon. Take care out there.

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  12. jcalberta · أبريل 24

    Depression is a big problem right now for me. And I’m usually a very upbeat person. It’s affecting me so badly that I’m considering taking time off from work because it’s affecting me interactions with people. Maybe the last I need to do is not be active??? I don’t know. I will get through this – as will most of us. I only hope that what comes out of it all benefits me and others in ways that add to our character.
    Take care – you and yours – my friend.

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  13. CarolCooks2 · مايو 5

    Thank you for stopping by and following CarolCooks2

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  14. necenzuratblog · مايو 6

    These days, the world has stopped instead of counting its dead.

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  15. godminer · مايو 13

    Thanks for following “Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”.

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  16. Dawn Renee · مايو 14

    Just as, or more scary than this thing, in my opinion, are the freedoms & pursuits of happiness so easily taken from people everywhere & the aftermath of such.

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    • Mounzer · مايو 14

      You are right, thank you

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      • Dawn Renee · مايو 14

        You are welcome. Good news, not everyone is in front of a screen too much. Some people are enjoying their loved animals & family, learning to grow food and flowers, and accomplishing once neglected chores. : )

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  17. Rebecca Trotter · مايو 24

    You have explained what happened beautifully.

    I love this post.

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