Coronavirus Spring

When the year 2020 started, most people were optimistic, hoping that this year would wash away the dirt of past years, and some began to expect peace and goodness, improved living and economic conditions, and wars and openness stopped more and more. And that the suffering increased and the words of politicians, astrologers, scholars and economists, and the days passed and as soon as the year began until the Korans raided more countries and began to extend to the West more and more Iran, Europe and Wu … and a great economic crisis began to ring The alarm and the airlines stopped working, and most people are at home and the relationships between the father have stopped And because the borders were closed and to remind us of this, it is the beginning of the end. The world is close to the inevitable death due to slander, arrogance, lack of cooperation and indifference by the decision-makers. We were created in this wild world, so, excuse me, Rabie, I no longer find you white, my picture has changed for you, and I only see in you black.

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