Men of gold

Winter withdraws slowly, shy, shy, refuses to leave despite its cruelty this year, and trees bloom for fear of treachery in winter or retaliatory storms, and one day the heat rises and one day they retreat, and the sun is confused between them that wishes to declare victory, but it compliments it is friendly to them, and the spring is coming, inevitably began its features There is hope, and with every spring there is hope and with each spring events associated with the renewal of the fertility of life on this earth. People are active again and young people return to bodies to start a new life cycle, and we who passed by tens of years watch with sorrow and follow remorse over the age we spent Between here and there, and with each life cycle, people change and change And my God and some of them deny his origin and his family and a rare few are still playing the tune of loyalty and sincerity, yesterday I was on a visit to a friend who was sick and he was in bed we talked about memories and he told me that he is suffering financially during this period and does not have enough money and his condition The health does not help him to do any work and he has his savings. I started about to end, and almost cried in front of me because of his severity. No one around him helped him. I extended my hand to withdraw what I had available of money, so he started saying that you are worse off than my situation. What do you do? Something you can buy medicine and food for you. Maybe you can resist if something bad happens to you, but I didn’t You will obey because he knows my situation well that I have a limited income and I only have my pen and notebook and this room that was eaten forever. The visit ended and I went back to my house and on the way I remembered the winter, spring and sun, and compared my current situation to this world, how many days will my friend live, no I know the darkness was almost overwhelmed, and I looked up at the sky and said, Is it possible for darkness to end? Is winter going to leave? Come on, O sun!

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