Admirable pain

Whoever looks at us today and watches us as hostages of quarantine or to transfer the house arrest imposed on us by virtue of the divine nature that imposes the rule of the strong over the weak always (whether it is the work of man or the will of fate), our stay at home with our families does not move we do not watch Friends and without joint sessions, we are satisfied with reading or searching on the Internet or on television, watching for news that may come new, whoever watches us and we are committed to our commitment to our lives and the lives of those we love, will admire our behavior, set the example with discipline, and concern for the public interest, and he will be happy to Everything is fine, it is a matter of days and days Zi, but he does not feel the pain that afflicted us, nor the frustration that shocked us. We and nothing in this universe, perhaps during days, thousands die and are not equal in the world of the five billion billions. We are pained to the point of depression, so we are taking painkillers and counting the minutes, hours and days. These black days are over, we play with our children, we try to sow hope in them and joy, and our hearts are worn out and they are restricted from leaving for fear for their safety, and we also admire their commitment and discipline, and we know that they are in a longing for play, to their friends and their normal lives, no There is in us one who does not complain of pain, a lump in the heart of all that And all that impressed with the whole of his discipline and adherence to laws, and we are proud and pained for the case that we got to it, he admired the pain.

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