Managing people automatically

I came home a little bit frightened before I was scarcely breathing, my wife said well what happened to you why your color is pale: I told her my imagination went I do not buy a few vegetables as usual I found our neighbor closed I continued to the next grocery was also closed and in my way I did not notice the movement of cars at all and cafes Closed and no man in the street. I looked at the clock. I said maybe I am wrong at the time. It was nine in the morning, which is the beginning of the usual peak period. I sensed my body. I was afraid of dreaming or imagining. Is there a war and I do not know? In the end, I confirmed that it was true, and I remembered the many warnings that were issued in the country and the world about the necessity of staying in homes and imposing a quarantine it’s Corona . She said: Where is the problem: I said, my dear wife, is it war? People have more than it is war, all because of the many rumors from here and there from the world and from the ignorant it is a war managed by the Internet and various media, Sars has passed and it was a pandemic and passed Zika and plague and many other diseases but did not stop Life, life must go on, we just buried our heads in the sand, has the world’s leadership been led by Mobile phone Is the experience of artificial intelligence to control experiments in conditions and human beings, we must go out should fight on this reality and the patient is placed in the stone, where is the problem? China is a billion and a half people who ended and put an end to it and people started to recover and join their business, also notice my wife, this dreaded epidemic that affects only rich countries Why? Where is India, Bangladesh and Africa? Is it cultivated for a specific type of human being? We must go out and go back to our daily lives. We do not want the concrete rooms to kill us, we do not want to live in a big coffin, there is in the end a real coffin waiting for us, let’s say no, no Internet O mobile phone, thousands of years did not triumph over us and you in this millennium came to destroy us and we will say to them, human controllers Remember that God alone decides who ultimately triumphs over the human mind who reaps himself or the electronic mind, the human being will remain the secret of this universe.

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