…. Smart investment…… In these difficult days the world is going through and in the light of the longest recession and the tight conditions that we have reached, we must stand on the tape of our lives and review it quietly, and currently we have enough time for that, so we all sit at home and adhere to the general safety instructions, if we take back a tape Our life we find there are periods in which we failed and a few times success was our ally. Some of us blamed his family, so perhaps they did not guide him properly to better options or advise or for some reason that the parents did not care what was important for the boy to grow up, and then he had to take a path and make a choice In life, their life would have changed much better, while others would have been freed D that he understood more than his family did not take their advice and took a different path to the right path and therefore the result was bad for them and also some were originally a failure and remained a failure except for a very few few luck played his role in their lives and transferred them to much better ranks than they dreamed of, The most important of all is why we do not benefit from the lessons of the past. Why do we not value our lives and make comparisons, analytical studies, data, and so on, and especially nowadays in the shadow of corona, our interests have shifted to home to family to family to children, look at Your children watch them very well know what they love what their dreams and wishes are With them and teaching them Play the learned of them, take their ideas Adersoha well, do you have the possibilities? Is it possible to achieve them and conditions are appropriate for them? Why not provide them with conditions if we can? Hear from them, implement some of their suggestions, exchange ideas, and share them in them, and even take the opinion of each child about some of your actions, and even monitor their toys, cell phones, and computers, and after they go to sleep, discuss in all your views of them, and from now start working on their dreams and Their thoughts and you may be wrong in your view of your children and discover how smart they are and discover their talents, my advice to you, your wealth in your children, so know how to manage this wealth because your labor for all these years will not be lost, because the future is in knowing the right path, so that our children can achieve better results, And their lives are comfortable through the administration that you discover in the first Investment children.

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