Cowardly Coronavirus

I sat and drank my coffee in this morning filled with sadness and fear. I hear the sound of birds and watch the activity of birds like every morning. I watch the sun shining cautiously trying to bring new hope. We forget the Corona virus and what happened to this world of calamities, there is no human in the street, There is no car on the street, no movement is absent, only Corona wanders here and there everywhere trying to hunt the largest number to gather prey and boast that he is the strongest in history, or the only one who was able to intimidate people and make them captive to him, this conceited virus Who thinks that the victor will end you will approach, and the scientists will find the right medicine for you This will pull your tail and disappear, losing a broken louse. Drink my coffee and my strong desire to take to the street to conquer this dreaded virus. But they will consider that I violated the instructions and encouraged them. We fell in it, we had more difficult times than this and overcame it, we will not let despair and depression enter our chest, here is an ambulance going through, oh God has the virus arrived in our town, as of now there is no, no infection and people adhere to the quarantine and instructions with this In particular, I will go to the street, I will change my clothes, what do you do where you are going: my wife said, I will go to Street will not be kept sitting watching the from afar, I will fight, O God Are you crazy, and whether we are at war, of course in the war What do you call it, you Osabk crazy, do you want to die? Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, after a long discussion, I did not go out, I feared for my wife, I went back to my coffee and sat down at my place and said to myself, uh, if I returned that young man who did not despair, I would prove to you that you, the virus, Corona, that you are just a passer, will leave and pass away, and that man will triumph, You cowardly corona.

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