to my mother

I woke up early today, looked at my wife, and found her swimming in a deep sleep, so I did not disturb her, I said to myself why do not you drink coffee as usual on the balcony of the house, I used to sit and drink coffee and watch passers-by and feel the life, movement and activity, but now, if I sit, I will feel depressed in this The days are empty streets, and since I am a retired man currently and most of my friends are committed to quarantine, and there is no one to talk to on the phone because it is still early and reading has weakened my eyes to her. Some fresh air and my body moved a little, it was cold in the morning I wore my coat and went out while I was on the road, walking in a slow pace and thinking about these days and the situation that we have reached and I was impressed that all the people are implementing quarantine and commitment instructions at home, I walked a little and felt tired, sat on the bench in the garden and took off my coat I put it beside me, I will rest a little and go home my wife woke up and sat with coffee and drink together, I felt with a light hand touched my right shoulder I looked and was my mom’s face moved terrified standing, my mom: I said with a strong voice, my mom, she disappeared, it was a daydream, oh My God, I went back and sat down and said I have to go to the village as it approached the eighty years of God’s life, I didn’t visit A long time ago I would go to it, and I felt a hand on my shoulder again, this time I move succumbed to my dream, I looked again here is the face of my mother Angelic, said Are you tired, my son? What’s with you as if you are carrying the worries of the world? Do not think of anything that will pass these days as before, do not tire yourself, I said, Mom, whenever days pass, we say tomorrow will come better than it and the age has passed and we have not felt it, my son do not be sad, this is the case of all people, optimism optimistic and sow joy And hope, I stood up and tried to embrace my mother and disappeared, I only had to walk towards the house, uh, I forgot my coat, where did my mind go back to bring it, I did not find it, would my mother take it with her, it is not reasonable, it was a dream, let’s go back to The house, there is no one to ask him if he saw something. I entered the house and found my wife, and she woke up. I said to her: I lost the coat, so what coat? I said my coat and I have nothing else. She laughed loudly and said, man, look, you are wearing a coat, do you not feel that? Your coat is with you. What happened to you? You are tired. Come, rest. Come, we drink coffee. I laughed at myself. It is the days, uh, my mom. Your son began to forget and entered the old age. I called to my wife and said to her, Do you know? She said: No, I told her: This coat was the last gift my mother gave me, and she was still able to give it a treasure of love and a fountain of tenderness, every year and you are fine, my mother, I love you and love you and love you.

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