She would never come

It was very cold and the rain was preparing to fill the place. Joseph prepared himself, shaved his chin, wore new elegant clothes, put on one of the best and best perfumes. Joseph confused him a little and said to her: Nothing, mom, nothing, just wanted to change. She said: In this cold weather and the world is rainy, do not be afraid, mom, there is no cause for concern. I will tell her that I admire her and want her engagement, Laila is the name of that girl that Joseph goes to see, get to know her while he is going to work, as he meets her every day in the morning on the bus stop, Joseph printed him shy as he looks down most of the time, and that his word is a girl who is red Ashamed, he stuttered at the age of forty, and the white hair started waving in his head, and his mother urged him to marry a good human being. Eh cares about him, rarely a day passes but his mother opens the matter to him, until one day she thought that he was unable to marry and asked to go to the doctor to examine and prove to her, you grow up my son and there is nothing in this house other than us, and tomorrow I will die and You will remain alone, I want to see you happy, and rest assured you before I die, his mother was afraid for him to go on with his life alone forever, and with every morning Joseph meets with Laila is a nurse working for a doctor and was in his choice of a suitable opportunity to care The health of his mother as she grew older, the story began in the situation, no one was in the place, Leila and Joseph alone, and while watching his looks at her, she asked him how many hours now ? stutter in the answer, it’s eighth, oh my god the bus is late, right? Yes, I think so. I am late for my job and the doctor will come early today. He has a lot of appointments, and I got nervous. Did I stop you taxi? Joseph said, no, no, there is no need for that. I think that he will not be late. Joseph was referring to Taxi and stopped him. He said to her, “Miss, I felt a little embarrassed.” He told her: “I am also late, but I will connect you on my way and continue to My work, do not worry, I delivered it on this day, and Joseph’s feeling was great, as if he had achieved an amazing victory and the world did not expand for him. On the bus, they sat next to each other, asked him what to do? I am an accountant at the bank and I live in the building opposite the situation with my mother, and Laila recently lived in the neighborhood in the building next door with her parents and her younger sister, so she said to him, and each of them took the other’s phone, at night they spoke on the phone, and in the morning in the situation And on the bus as well, they began to sympathize and like each other and showed her that he wanted to meet her to talk to her about the link. She tried to postpone several times, agreed to meet on the weekend, and the next day in the evening she asked him for an important matter, and she wanted He asked him to keep a secret. asked to borrow a sum of money, for him it was a large amount, because he is just a high accountant Y at the bank, and every period he saves an amount of money and the bank deposits him, he said to himself well to give her this amount, I will ask her to marry and eventually she will become my wife, and since she thought about asking for money from me this means that she will agree, and took the money from it, And she said tomorrow I am on vacation the day after tomorrow the holiday does not delay the date I do not like to wait and we will speak in the evening and talk long in the two nights, Joseph continued his way and the rain started, oh my God the weather is cold, and Joseph trembles with fear and is afraid, he reached the place and sat Looking at the watch, she said that she does not like to wait. This means that she will not be late. What would she like to bring you? a cup of coffee without sugar, my God, I finished my coffee and it passed a quarter of an hour, no one answered the phone, it is closed, I will wait, maybe the mobile phone has broken, so what can I get you, mister? Coffee, coffee, and this third cup, and the mobile is locked. An hour and a half has passed. What do I do? Did it hurt? Hahaha, remember the amount, the amount is it? Oh, oh, what my fools, oh God, I did it, I did it, and he put his hand on his head, finally he knew that she would never come.

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