Will death triumph?

In this long darkness, a night is not over, nightmares are chasing us, leaving no room for the eye to fall asleep and rest, the voice of wailing fills the place, the faces are more black than the night, and the echo misses its companions, the separation between the companions, and grief left no room for joy, And the neighbors inside her house are closing the doors, the darkness of the night, where are the tunes and the nights, the bars, the restaurants and even the streets deserted, the hospitals alone are crowded, and the doctors and the patients alone wear white, are they angels? In this difficult time, the darkness of the night has prolonged, people are frightened and terrified of the coming days and fear that there will be no end, the longing for the smile to laugh, and we fear that a day will come when we forget the joy and happiness, the darkness has prolonged, a hand outstretched from here and a hand From there, you make cooperation stronger, and perhaps strength comes, at a time when it is not beneficial to the muscles, neither weapons nor cannons, only the mind, does it invest for good? It has transformed in the last century, or let’s say, in the last century, it has taken more advantage than mankind, can we invest it? Perhaps it is too late, goodness was in our hands, we were controlling everything, and here it is now that control came out of our hands, despite every day that a new morning comes, unfortunately it comes to us loaded with mirage and the unknown and death and darkness, the vision a little fears, and we fear that The morning does not come, the smell of death is everywhere, the smell of flowers spreads and the smell of flowers prevails, and here is the spring that has come, this time sad, yellow in color, and blackness prevails everywhere, and white remains for the doctors ’dress and in their hearts, and today death is the one who He triumphs, and man will not surrender, will resist, consecrate the mind again, cooperate again, forget greed, violence and armament, and turn away to serve the human being, and cooperate responsibly A, because he woke up late, and was convinced that a person has no other than his own brother, and if darkness spreads in a place it will spread everywhere, goodness awakens, and if goodness spreads, he overcomes Satan, who spreads death and darkness everywhere, and light will come from The hands of the doctors with determination, will, hope and knowledge to shine again, and say no, death will not triumph.


  1. Elaine · مارس 26

    Light always follows darkness, sadness replaced by joy. Keep faith in your heart.


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