It was twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, he looked at his watch, headed towards the window, looked at the street, the movement was light, he came back and sat a little, waiting for a phone call from his friend, who said he would come and take him with him from the house, a few minutes, and His friend was ringing for him, he was down and waiting for him, the car went in the dark streets, no one is in the streets, a cold night today, if we stayed at home isn’t it better than this cold, his friend said, go, go, continue we will arrive, soon you will feel Heat and forget the cold, come on, come, we will find what we forget about cold and work, their destination was to one of the places to stay in the capital, they saved a little pain L and they agreed to go to this place, they heard that it was good and every time he changed and changed his offerings, and they had a friend who worked on it, and he was telling them that the weather is very beautiful, and they will be happy, he said to them only: Bring the money, and leave everything For me, and you will see, one of the nights of a lifetime, they got out of the car, the noise filled the place, their friend was waiting, sit here, this is a good place, from here you can see everyone and choose who you like, order a little wine at first, and sit They enjoyed what they watched, each one asked for a girl sitting next to him, and happiness was clear on them, the time passed quickly, he felt bored, he said to his friend I feel like I will suffocate and head He started to hurt me from the commotion, stay you, I will go, no, I will go with you, no no, there is no need, I will take a taxi, and tomorrow we meet, he went outside, wanted to walk a little, inhale the air and rest his head, he walked a little, he looked at a taxi, he reached to The house heard a voice, there is in the dark, the sound of crying, a girl was sitting on the sidewalk tears and crying in pain, he looked at her, she was wearing makeup and wearing evening wear and the smell of perfume smelled of her, what are you doing here, why are you crying? She did not answer, if you do not want to speak I will leave, he hit me and stopped his car and kicked me out of it, from this, it is my fiancé, will I stop Taxi to take you home, no thanks, he will return, he will return, he said to her: Well, you are free, .. …. lit his cigarette near her, she said to him: Can you give me a cigarette, why did he do that? Nothing, nothing. We were at a party and felt jealous and had drunk a lot, and in the car we had a fight, oh girl. It was too late if it was coming, it was coming, let me stop you taxi, there is no place to go, did you understand? What? … Will you stay on the street? Today I arrived from my town in the morning, and he took me to the place of decorating the ladies and there I changed my clothes, and we were going to sleep in the hotel tonight, but he did not leave money with me, my wallet is empty, and I do not know what to do, well, I will connect you to a hotel and I will pay the money, Do not fear anything, come stop the taxi, come, …. He told the driver to head towards a hotel, and shortly before arrival, she said to him whispering: I cannot sleep in the hotel, the ID is not with me, he took it from me, and took the mobile And I don’t know his number to speak to him, why didn’t you say that before, oh my god what to do now? Well, he asked the taxi to take him to the house, after they got down and he said to her: This is my house. You will sleep here until tomorrow and then you will go to your city. Well, I will. But how do I know that you will be a polite person with me, you will sleep in a room and stop the door and the room is equipped with a bathroom. , are you hungry? No thanks, the important thing is that I wanted to have food in the kitchen, everything is there, this strange night went by, I woke up in the morning, heard something, haha, what is this? Do you attend breakfast? Yes, I am hungry and you hungry for sure, yes, yes, well after breakfast I will connect you to the travel garage, and return to your home and city, do you love him? Whose? For your fiance, sure no, why not? Because he’s a bad person, how did I not understand? He engaged me to take advantage of me, do you think that someone is throwing his fiancée on the street in this way? He tried to sell me yesterday, what? Yes, I used to accept that the most beautiful men sit at the tables only, not more than that, at first he would tell me that they are friends in the trade and we have an interest with them, and yesterday he asked to go with an old man to the house, to do what he wanted me, and when she refused, this was My destiny …… followed

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