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He stood amazed at his place, and shouted at the top of his voice, as if he saw a ghost, saying to her: What are you doing here? How? Why? Let’s go in. I’ll tell you everything. The neighbors will hear us and the time is late. Let’s enter the house. Please, I was waiting for you a long time ago. When the night came, I got here, and I’m tired, please, come on, come on, get in quickly, are you crazy? I tried to help you, why did you come, I am a man who does not like trouble, and I do not want anything that bothers me, say why did you come? Slightly calm down, burst into tears, do not try to play with emotions. Come on, I will connect you to your family. Come on, I cannot, I cannot, I do not have family, what? Oh my God, what did I do myself? It is a dilemma, let’s go to the police and tell them that you are lost, I cannot keep you here for an extra night, yesterday I tried to help only, please, please, let me be frank with you in everything, I will not lie to you, I promise, let me here only today, and Tomorrow I will think of a place to go to, oh my God, how stupid I am … Well at seven in the morning you go out to where you want, and I ask you to know that I am a man who does not like trouble, and I am not that man who loves women from the streets, I am a man of my nature The special ,,,,,,, ….. Well I understood, go in now and sleep, … Do you want me to tell you my story frankly, that I hear you, tell what you have, that I hear, but it seems that you are hungry Eat something , And I will bring my coffee … and you don’t lie … I am a girl from a poor family, from here I live in the city, I got married at a young age, I did not exceed fifteen years old, I married a young man in his twenty years and he loved me a lot, and But he is poor, he used to work two shifts per day, in the morning in construction and in the evening he works as a taxi driver, and every opportunity he had used to come and take me a walk, I gave birth to two sons from him, two boys, he loved his house, his wife and his children And he sacrificed in our path and exhausted himself a lot, his dream was to buy us a house, rest from the rent, he was alone for his family, and he was a beautiful young man, and he wept to cry, after five years died, ….. yes he died, he fell from a high altitude … He was tormented two months in the hospital, then he died …. I want a cigarette please, this is a cigarette and this is a glass of water you prefer, I stayed with him in the hospital day and night And I left my children in their grandfather’s house, he was absent from awareness during that period, only he was in pain, the money he saved was to buy a house, (his dream that was lost) spent on doctors and medicine, and every day his situation worsened and I left a doctor only and consulted him Dozens of doctors and laboratories, and if a glimmer of hope has passed away, it has ended, and the money has ended with it, so little remains of it ….. What do I do with myself with two children? And my family and his family are mired in terrible poverty, during the time I went to the doctors, I was subjected to harassment and temptations, but I was strong, I did not think for myself, I was thinking about this person who is groaning and suffering, …. I returned with the two children to My house, I tried to find work, and everywhere I go they look at me like a tender piece of meat, their looks are like predators that want to eat prey, I was feeling it, I worked for the first time with my lawyer, the next day he did try to molest me, I left work and I didn’t return to it, then I worked in a sewing workshop, my female co-worker tried to introduce me to our boss, she tried to betray me, took me to her home, and saved Miracle myself after she put anesthesia in the coffee, and left work after a week, … My mom told me that there is a family that requires a nanny, why don’t you go, maybe this is good for you, and it is appropriate because it is a respectable family, … well my mother I took the phone and spoke to the lady who wanted the nanny, the next day I went to her, and worked in a big house, and a nanny for three children, the oldest of whom is six and the youngest of them is one year, ….. and this house was the one that changed the course of my life .. …. Continued

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  1. Anna Waldherr · مارس 31

    تظهر تعاطف كبير.

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