Coronavirus and I

At the request of my wife, I bought a large amount of oranges, she had seen a doctor on TV explain the symptoms of Corona Virus and ways to prevent it, from sterilizing, cleaning and washing hands and …… until she heard him say drinking orange daily, and several Many times it increases the body’s immunity and makes it stronger against Corona virus, in addition to domestic isolation and stay home , so its face is in my face all the time, and even my sons and their families do not visit us at these times, of course because of my wife’s strict instructions, which daily inspects their conditions and reassures them several times in Today, if one of her friends wants to come to visit her, she apologizes for several reasons, and the most important reason she says is that I am not I allow her to receive someone, but my friends in the usual situation no one visits me, and we would meet in the cafe, if there was no satisfactory or family occasion that required us to go to the house, and of course my wife if she went out of the house to bring something, put the muzzle of the nose and wear the paws The condom, and takes a sufficient safety distance between her and the person who is inside the place, my wife is an excellent follow-up to the events, I do not need to follow the news, she tells me what happened in Wuhan in China and how move to Europe, and arrived in the United States of America, and The number of casualties, deaths, the daily increase and the number of countries affected so far, and the countries that did not has access to it yet, she has a full statistic, and when talking on the phone with someone, she talks about the virus as an expert in the World Health Organization, and sterilizers are spread in every corner of the house, and when sleep, she start to pray and pray for our family, sons and all people And muttering and I don’t understand what muttering, Corona Virus is with us in the morning, noon, and evening. It is with us twenty-four hours a day. I decided in the morning to go out walking a little, I got up early, she told me where? I told her I wanted to walk a little and I will not be late. I was tired of sitting. She said: Can’t you wait for several days, no, do not go out of danger everywhere, I swore to her that I will walk next to the house, in the neighborhood, I turn the neighborhood once and go back, half an hour Only, after a discussion that took more than the time that I requested for my walk, I went out, smelled the morning scent, the scent of spring, I heard the sounds of birds dancing with joy, I felt jealous of them, I passed the side of the cafe, I remembered friends , and in my memories I received a strong voice, My lord, my lord, there is no one who yells at me by the word of lord, i turned to the side of the voice, he was a policeman accompanied by three other elements, I said to him: Yes, what is there, he said to Sir, please go to the house and stay at your house. Don’t you know the seriousness of Corona virus, for your sake and for the sake of others? go to house and stay home , I told him shyly: Well I will do my house here soon, and I apologize, I entered the house and told my wife what It happened, she laughed and said to me: You do not hear my words, did I not tell you that, these days the house is the best medicine, and several days this epidemic will leave.


  1. Ray Rasmussen · أبريل 26

    Mounzer, Sad isn’t it that this virus has trapped us. I’m glad that you have writing as your outlet.
    Ray Rasmussen

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