Coronavirus Exposes Secrets (Part One)

I don’t know what drove me to travel these days. At the beginning of March, I told my wife that I could no longer stay in this country without work. I want to find work. Are you crazy, man? Did you get dementia? You have everything here, you have two cars, a big office, a farm, and several houses, what do you want more than that, we thank God that you retired, and we see you more, why do you want to travel? I want to work I still have the ability to give, I want to search for another place, and I have the energy to work, and I do not know I do something other than engineering, I will travel ……… After a discussion several days she agreed, and she told me to wait Slightly do not travel this period. I heard that Corona Virus began spreading in several countries. wait until things became clear. No, no, this is pointless. It is an economic policy intended to curb China. They did what they wanted. The case ended, and so I traveled to this The beautiful country, and I started calling friends to get advice and help finding work, and every day, as usual, I follow the news, and this is Corona Virus, spreading more and more and started Countries take harsh measures, from imposing isolation, to partial and then full closure, and airports are closed, and whoever wants to return to his country, here he is besieged, cannot move outside the permitted range, my wife said with great sadness: I told you not to travel, and why You hear my words, and in our country it started applying the same procedures, the important thing is to pay attention to yourself and do not mix with anyone, the virus of Corona kills everyone, do not be afraid, my wife and you pay attention, and do not go out at all, ….. and even friends here are committed to stay In their homes, and I became alone in the hotel, what a luck, if I postpone my travel for two days I would have stayed with my family, what should I do now? … there is no one Wii the hotel workers, and this mobile is in my hands, I talk to my wife and children, and read the news, and at breakfast several people four or five is the sum of all the remaining rooms in the hotel I have emptied, there is no tourism and no work, maybe they all have the same condition And I meet them every morning, but I don’t talk to them because I find everyone sad and lost, and there is a big garden near here that I go to every morning. I walk two hours moving a little and meditating on the birds in it, it is the only one that enjoys freedom these days, and sometimes I talk to her I tell my story and what happened to me, and it was several days ago, until a hotel employee told me: Please, the hotel will be closed. You must find another place, or there is a hotel near here with the same cost, if you want to go to it, and there will not be more than three or four hotels in the whole city ….. I took my luggage and headed to the new hotel, oh if I heard the words of my wife, she was right, I was no longer a young man until the world narrowed me, now everything is closed and stopped, and I am in a place and my family is in a place, even the streets are empty, when will this nightmare end, when? I arrived at the new hotel, it was smaller and far away from the city center, surrounded by buildings from everywhere, at least in the previous hotel I had a balcony, sitting in it, walking a little, and the sun entering the room, and I could wash some Clothes, well, what do I do? It is good to have a place to sleep, and I laughed inside myself ….. The next morning and while eating breakfast, the faces started familiar to me, these are the same people, yes the same people, I heard them speak a language I know, I told them: Did they ask you to leave the other hotel and come here, it was a man and a lady in the beginning, yes, yes, we are stuck here, well we meet at the reception after eating breakfast and we continue the conversation, well we meet ……. followed

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