Beautiful as a fireplace in firewood in the dead of winter

In her eyes there is luster like a ray with light, perhaps a pearl inlaid with grains that exist only in these two eyes, if I look at them, I feel that the strength of what attracted me to it, I try to enter into them, but it is a closed door, and I search for the key everywhere, her hair is golden in color like a wheat grain He swaying with the breezy breezes, her cherry lip lips pour saliva for them, and they keep a beautiful dream, and I desire to reach them.the voice is Beautiful, like music played by famous composers, it is a beautiful dream, and an endless story, and it is enough for me to tell you : Beautiful as a stove of firewood in the dead of winter, light in the darkness of the night, melody in the time of silence, a treasure of diamonds in the days of poverty, water, breezes and shade in the summer days, you are a story that must not end.

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