I’m tired, mom

Who else can hear me now? How much do I need your chest to fall asleep, how much do you need your tenderness to feel safe, I yearn to hear your voice, and you advise me, how many times when you wake me up in the morning did you pray to God, to bless and protect us from all harm and harm, I miss you Mom, to that eagerness when we go home after an absence, to your craving for food, how much I yearn to make food from your hands, oh my mother what did the days do? I yearn for brightness in your face, to the light that was shining love and giving, without you, my mother feels me, who cares carefully for me, oh my mother, how long I miss that touch of your hands while wiping my face, and to your joy when I succeed, how long I miss To draw a smile on your lips, if my hand was destiny to make you a prophet of God, I would kneel between your feet, how much I miss you, my mother, the spring of tenderness, my life’s paradise, how many times have you been saddened for my sake, when the world narrows me, and I have always been a safe haven that has taken refuge To him, how long I have missed you, my motherland, oh my mother, you are the warmth in the cold days, how much have you sacrificed for all of us, you have given us so much and are still, what a terrible ability to For giving, without tiredness or boredom, may God prolong your life, how long I yearn to call you to check on me, to that joy, to that laugh, oh my mom if I return small in your hands, if only a dream would come back and never end, who would hear me now other than you, mom My crying is tired, and I am in exile, my voice trembles cold, and pain, at night I cry and during the day I cry, who hears? No one but you, mom, how tired I am, mom.


  1. monzirissa9fc68f1b53 · مارس 31


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  2. Approaching to PASSION · أبريل 2

    One of the Best of it’s 🙂🙂

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  3. padmajaramesh · أبريل 3

    Very much touching

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  4. vincenza63 · أبريل 11

    So deeply touching… I miss my mum a lot, too ❤
    Hugs from Italy,

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  5. cindy knoke · أبريل 15

    Oh, as sweet as she as love can be.

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  6. George F. · أبريل 20

    No one will ever love you like a Mother.

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  7. sunshine73724 · أبريل 23

    That was amazing. I like your writing style.
    While reading my emotions were all over the place. Idk what more to say except .. beautiful and it really drew me in.

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  8. Equipping Site · أبريل 25

    Thanks for following my site; you are very kind.

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  9. Equipping Site · أبريل 26

    Thanks for sharing your innermost feelings.

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  10. clara80 · مايو 10

    I dedicate all said to my grandma who was my mother growing up. A very special woman

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  11. Dawn Renee · مايو 14

    The loss of my Mother will give pain to me indefinitely. I want to hold all I love so tightly that they cannot leave, but I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. It is well you continue appreciating her so. I wish you too did not know the hurt of loss such as this.

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  12. bukalor · يونيو 12

    very expressive. Carried to the front of my heart the yearnings to be with my mother again. Will never be.
    Here is another poem i like about mother: https://soon.school.blog/2019/09/11/mothers-pain

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