The sun will rise

I took my pen to write something that was on my mind, would I follow the third part of the story of “A Night of Love” or would I follow the fourth part of the ” fancy ” story and I was heading to follow (fancy ) because of its impact on our situation, which is a realistic story, could Talk or have happened with many, but, I do not know what the secret that made me return to reality, in light of the outbreak of Corona Virus and the action it caused on our planet, I see that the state of frustration and despair among many, perhaps at the beginning of this crisis no one expected To go on for so long, some are worried about his financial condition, and others are concerned about his isolated children who do not leave the house, and this has negative effects in the future, and some Be worried about the situation of the country and the danger of chaos, bankruptcy, and a lot of boredom, and boredom began to enter them. They yearn for friends ’sessions and going to bars and cabarets, and part of the people is afraid of illness and death. We believe that life is sorrows and joys, love and loyalty remain, and sincerity and sincerity remain, and if you come together and leave us, hatred, hatred, greed and selfishness, and people cooperate with each other everywhere, good will return, life will return to normal And the sun shines again.

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