Coronavirus Exposes Secrets (Part 3)

After we got to know each other well, and took the phone numbers, every one of us went up to his room, and I dated with the lady, to meet in the evening, the lady agreed to the meeting after dinner, and I spoke to her and she said to me: After a quarter of an hour we meet in the reception, we met, and these days All restaurants, cafes and bars are closed due to Corona Virus, and we both love to walk, especially in light of the long sitting conditions and the state of boredom and routine. I had to talk about myself, longing for my family and children, my work was interrupted, and anxiety not to I know when this crisis will end and the spread of the epidemic, fear and panic stops, and I talked about my personal life as a man who had previous relationships With several women, and how did I end up getting married, calm, stable, and comfortable? I told her: I am tired of speaking and I am talking about myself. Talking about you a little bit, she said to me: I am divorced, I have two boys at university, a boy and a girl, I work as a public relations manager for a large company in my country, separated from my husband last year, after a marriage that lasted twenty-eight years, and today for the first time in my life I feel free, independent and a woman myself, and I feel reassurance and safety, and this The first time I decided to travel alone, and watch what happened to my misfortune, I decided to travel here for tourism and rest for three days, and on the day of my return the airport close, and I am here now …. I interrupted her speech: Did you drink alcohol, for example a beer, she doesn’t mind, I bought two bottles and continued walking, in the darkness, I asked her: Why after twenty-eight years, she said, I endured all these years for the sake of the children, the community and the family, I swear to you, that since the first day of my marriage I was not happy, I got married at a young age, and I knew nothing, we were in a conservative family, somewhat, and it was important for us after high school, marriage, because it guarantees the stability of the girl, and every day I used to say, in myself, maybe tomorrow will be better, and I was happy in my children, I wanted them to grow up with their father at home, and I was suffering from beating, neglect, selfishness, and For miserliness, I was forbidden to ask for something, I was hoping for him, to give me a gift, or a word of admiration, he was opposing and preventing me from finding work, or going out to find work, after several years, his work stumbled a little, and the children grew up and The expenses increased on him, in the end he agreed to my work, but he asked me to go out at a specific hour and return at a specific hour, and I worked hard and sincerely and I was greatly admired and successful in my work, and when he felt that my salary started to increase and cover the expenses of the house, He started pulling his hand out of home expenses, and left everything to me, I could not speak to anyone about my privacy, I used to go to my mom every week and cry there, and she was asking me for patience Endurance, for the sake of my children, and the days passed until my children grew up and each one of them became dependent on himself, so I asked for separation and waived all my rights, it was a long prison, I almost died in it, finally breathing the taste of freedom ….. followed

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