In the evening, while I was walking down the road steeped in my thinking as usual in this life and in the future, it seemed to me like a spectrum, a dim light from far away, I walked behind him, moved away from me more, I ran behind him quickly, turned to the right and changed direction, I rushed more The flash disappeared in the sky, I came back meditating, am I in a dream or is it the truth, and I am on the way back, the flash reappeared again, did I get mad? What are just delusions that come to me, from the extreme fatigue and psychological pressure, do not care about these things, man and follow the walk to your home, do not care, but approach the light a little towards me, oh my God, how beautiful this light is, I stood up in shock, I do not know what to do, Do I get close to it? Or do I go my way, I looked on the street, no one else was in it, I got closer and closer, moved a little further, followed him, tried to catch him, pursued the chase, did not succeed, tired, stopped my place, approached me, did you play with me? What is that? Oh God, how tired I am, I am looking for hope, so these things seem to me, do not tire yourself, go home, but come closer to me again, I sat on the road on the sidewalk, I surrendered, I said to him: I am tired and I can not move, I lost My fight is with you, as if he heard and understood my words, sympathized with me, approached and became completely in front of me, I tried to touch it, it is light, it is about the size of football, my face lit up in the darkness of the night, it is only a few seconds and disappeared, I stayed sitting in my place for several minutes , And I went back to my house, I will tell my wife what happened with me, no, no, do not tell her anything, man, you will think that you have gone crazy, I said to myself, but my wife knows me well, and she noticed that I am not normal, She squeezed orange juice and said: Are you sick? I see your face pale and tired on you, what is wrong with you? I will tell you a strange event that happened with me, I told her everything that happened with me in detail, she heard me to the end and she remained silent. She did not comment about anything, what happened to you what do you think, after seconds, she said you seem tired and exhausted my dear, your face is pale, I will bring you the doctor, no I swear to you that it is the truth, well, calm down now, drink orange juice, I will bring the thermometer, your temperature may be high, after making sure that I am normal, she told me: What do you think about eating dinner, I said well, my wife went to the kitchen, I will change my clothes And I followed you, while I was in my room, I heard my wife screaming at the top of her voice, and running towards me, my husband, my husband, good, good, what is there? ….. stammered, and said: It is his AAC, that there is, that in front of the window, from? Tell who? It is the spectrum, the light, the flash, it is there.

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