my birthday

On this bleak day, and this bad weather, I have nothing but to sit in isolation, I move from the door to the window, these things that were imposed on us because of the Corona Virus, and I do not know how and why what happened to me, I decided a month ago to travel, search About a new job in a new country, I might get an opportunity, save some money, and make me live the rest of my life, with my family in complete comfort. I traveled and came here, two days after I arrived in the new country, measures and measures to prevent Corona Virus, isolation, where was the isolation? It has been in the hotel for about a month and I am here, I cannot move a lot, for sports only, (so as not to forget walking), and to buy some light needs of food, and there is no one to speak to him other than the hotel staff in the restaurant and reception, and a number Residents of the hotel do not exceed five rooms, most of my time I spend researching on the Internet, or in writing, and certainly, I speak with my family, four or five times a day, to check in under these difficult circumstances, and my room in the hotel is small and does not exceed its area Twenty square meters, so I go from the door to the window most of the time, and my window overlooks a street, rarely passes by, and if you see TV, the programs are all about Corona Virus, however we headed, we find it in front of us, or we find its effects, that it is Corona Virus, from where did it come and how it came, until we were separated, and kept us away from those we love, longing and longing, multiplying inside me, I spoke to my family and children A little while ago, they prepared me for a surprise, I opened the video, it was candles and cake, and they sang “happy birthday to you”, at first I didn’t know the reason, after repeating it several times, I realized that today, it is, it’s my birthday.


  1. Neha nandwana · أبريل 7

    Many wishes to you 🌷 🌷 stay blessed 💐

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  2. padmajaramesh · أبريل 7

    Many more happy returns of the day👏👏👏💐🎂

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  3. Mounzer · أبريل 7

    It feels great and great, I really feel in my family


  4. LaCalleDelFondo · أبريل 7


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  5. noch1glaswein · أبريل 7

    Happy Birthday!

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  6. Mounzer · أبريل 7

    Now, you are in indea


  7. Mounzer · أبريل 7

    OK, I understood, thanks


  8. Krista · أبريل 7

    Happy birthday 🎉🎊🎁

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  9. Florence Ezekafor · أبريل 7

    Happy birthday to you. What a way to celebrate. I must say that your family is amazing. More blessing!

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  10. Close to heart ❤💖💓 · أبريل 8

    Its must doing good for the world.ok next year…..

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  11. harinapandya · أبريل 8

    Happy birthday to you!

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  12. knjiznicaosveliskovci · أبريل 8

    To be honest, I don’t celebrate my birthday – but I celebrate other people’s birthdays so I can just try to imagine being in that kind of state of mind. Meaning, not knowing what day is it, feeling a bit alone or/and lonely, not knowing what to do with yourself – and in the end, even forgetting it’s your birthday. But you did had a great one, being surprised by your most loved ones – and actually – even being surprised it’s your birthday 🙂 I hope you enjoyed yesterday, not even thinking about Corona or any other virus on this planet but love. It’s the most (in)visible virus and it’s pretty much in all people (some people hate with more love than loving other, which is sad…) – and nobody will ever find cure for it, neither will even think about finding it. Happy birthday ❤

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  13. Kelly Curtis · أبريل 8

    Happy birthday my friend! Take care of yourself and good luck with your new life. I hope it all works out well for you and your family. Thank you for following my blog.

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  14. Crystal Byers · أبريل 9

    Wishing you happiness for your birthday!

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  15. Mounzer · أبريل 9

    Many thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  16. 65luna · أبريل 10

    Buon Compleanno dall’Italia! Ciao! 65Luna

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  17. anonymouslove4christ · أبريل 12

    Happy Belated Birthday!🎂🎉

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  18. TishGirl❤️ · أبريل 17

    Happy belated birthday! I have nominated you for an award. Please check my blog for more information.😊

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  19. Anna Waldherr · أبريل 21

    I am sorry you had to spend your birthday away from your family. The coronavirus crisis has many in the same situation. At least we can connect w/ our loved ones electronically. Hopefully, by your next birthday, we will have found a way to defeat this illness. Best Wishes! ❤

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