Lak of fulfillment….

Today I will talk about a topic that I read in the news a lot, and occupy the public opinion, I read about the Brazilian soccer player (Ronaldinho) who among us does not know this player who excelled in football, and has millions of fans around the world, for the football art he was presenting, whether with Paris Saint-Germain, or Barcelona, and Inter Milan, this player and his full name (Ronaldo de Assis Moreira) retired with the Brazilian team Fluminense after he starred and toured in various stadiums and won many titles either with the Brazilian national team or with clubs He played for, retired from the game in 2018 and is considered one of the best players in the world Throughout history, he is from an ordinary family, his mother was a sales representative and studied to become a nurse, and his father Joao Moreira was a shipbuilder, this great player, has many charitable works, so that a Brazilian court sentenced him to pay a fine of $ 2.5 million Against the background of building a sidewalk without permission on the edge of a lake in a protected area in Porto Alegre, he did not pay the fine for the huge amount and left the matter to his lawyer, and this man continued his normal life until he started promoting his book, and he has health programs around the world for girls and boys, and it is time The date of travel to Paraguay, and he entered it in a certain way, and then he was arrested in the hotel, and the reason entered The country was illegally and through a forged passport, and a prison in the capital there … all I want to say here, and after this brief overview, the man did not intercede for the talent he had, and millions of love did not intercede for him. And not the money that he got, the man became a fatty press material, the pictures are handcuffed, or he is in his cell, or in court, everything is lost, more than a month has passed, no one helped him, only emotions and feelings, the man may be He made a mistake, we do not know the exact details, but that this man does not deserve help, you may be a dancer somewhere … and you see how dozens of people hurry to win it, but this man is forgotten, just what This is a fat journalist for those with yellow pens, where is Brazil? A solution must be found to save the man, we are all vulnerable to sin, but tolerance is required, do we forget so quickly …. Ronaldinho, I wish you well?


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