China is a legend of years

If I talk about China, I will not bring anything new, who among us does not know its size, population, nationalities, diversity, history, and strange marvels in China, which have reached miracles, for a large number of its inhabitants forced their rulers throughout history to create innovations and inventions And miracles remained a mystery to this day, whether in agriculture, irrigation, and water supply, to industry, and today it has become the first industrialized country in the world, which threatens to stop it, or the abundance of its production, the major industrialized countries, the mighty power of the economy Chinese, invade the world market, electronic and agricultural, and industrial, and medicines and clothing, everything, no Something comes to mind, except that we find the Chinese dragon who is the superior, and even more than that, the Chinese have become billionaires and huge capital, and giant investments, and rarely do you find a country without Chinese businessmen at the top of the financial pyramid in it, and invested In the sports field, internally and externally, they spent a lot of money to be superior, and the strange thing is that: China imitates others and develops it takes the inventions of others and works to improve it and introduce some advantages to it, and return it at lower prices and The average consumer can buy what he wants, and finds quality from regular to excellent, exploiting Q. It has its cost, and abundant production, it is China, which was occupied by Japan until recently, and which before the end of the second millennium was competing and seeking to enter the adult world economically, the sages and leaders of China were determined to be at the forefront, and today they arrived To her, with their effort and fatigue, nothing stood in their way, proper planning, human and material resource management, and the right decision, at the right time, that brought them here, worked silently, day and night, without press and media, and without drumming. And whining, they took the global leadership, congratulating them, they deserve and deserve it, China is the country of history, a new Era has begun, congratulations on leading the world.


  1. viewfromoverthehill · أبريل 17

    China indeed has a fascinating history. In chasing the mighty dollar, the West has sold it’s soul and this is the result. We are now dependent on China for many things we depend on.

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