Pleasure of Pain

These days, as with any one of us, we stay at home, in implementation of the instructions for isolation and stay at home in order not to spread the Coronavirus, and pass it on to me, and I, like other people, try to occupy my time, and sometimes follow up on some work On the phone, I write some articles, and I continue to write some stories and novels, some of which I have finished writing, and I read newspapers and websites, and some novels, especially the old ones ….. But yesterday I decided to change my lifestyle, I remembered that one day I was good at drawing, so I said to myself, try to draw something, to be a test, after interruptions of decades, I brought all the drawing equipment and Big time, and the first thing that occurred in my mind to draw is my mother’s face. I started to draw general features, and when I came to the details of the eyes and the face, my hands started shaking again, my hands stopped drawing, as if they were paralyzed, and I remembered the same The day I retired from the drawing, I sat on the chair and put my hands on my head in pain, and I remembered the reason, and this was written in my story (Nayrouz, still alive) which did not see the light, because I did not find the right person who buys her rights and some of story are here. And that is through the section entitled (Pleasure of Pain): ………………………………… ……… I remember that day well, I was in the second year of middle school, and it was spring in the morning, that morning Today, I was very happy, my mother put me in new clothes, and she gave me a huge expense, she said to me: Your father is very happy, because you outperformed your comrades in the tests, and he tells you well, next summer that you take the first position this year, it will make you travel to England, Until you learn the English language well, and after high school, you continue your university studies there, God bless you, my son, your father and I have great hope for your future, on the way to school, I dreamed of flying and flying in the sky high, when will this day come? As I had never boarded the plane, and the university in England, what a great feeling, as if I own the world now, how much I love you, my father, and my mother, we reached school, everyone noticed my happiness, and from the first lesson, I did not leave a question, except and I preceded My comrades to the correct answer was about history, and the second lesson was in mathematics, and the teacher asked me several questions that I answered all of them, quickly and privileged, and we went out for a short break, one of them said to me, it seems that you will not leave a chance to anyone for your competition this year, I smiled without comment, and I left a secret in my heart, and the third lesson came, and it was a science lesson. I remind the teacher as if he were in front of me. He had wide, long, mustache. He had blond hair and blue eyes, and did not smile at all, and his voice was strong, the walls trembled when he shouted, and he did not give words of praise or praise except rarely, and he smoked a lot, even during the lesson, and the nervousness is always difficult, and the mood is difficult, the title of the lesson It was about pets and their digestive system, and in those days, the teachers asked to draw what is in the book, and the drawing that was requested is several pets, in the garden, cows, sheep, chickens, some trees, and a spring. In the drawing, I do not know where and how, this inspiration came to me …… The time has expired, and the teacher started inspecting the drawings for each student, my turn came, he looked at the drawing, a minute Silence, he looked at my face, came back and looked at the drawing, then to my face, he said to me: You copied the drawing, you cheated, then a terrible silence prevailed …. and a strong slap came to me, from his huge hand on my face, he knocked me to the ground, I swear to God The great, I drew it with my hand, I swear, shouted at the top of his voice: Get away from my face, I will ask your father to the school administration, to tell him, your son is bad, a cheater … It did not help crying and tears …. I do not know how time passed, and I returned home And my mother received me, and I ran to her bosom, telling her what happened with me, relieved my shock, raised my spirits, and gave me a lot of her tenderness, but …………. in the evening and at Looking at my daily jobs, my mom asked to draw her a soul For a drawing …. My hand started trembling, and I could not draw anything, my mother noticed and said: You are confused today, that you are tired, tomorrow you will draw better, and the teacher believes you ….. But since that day I retired the drawing forever, my hand still trembles … … it follows ..


  1. Beautyfull history

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  2. Rumikoの日記 · أبريل 19

    I do not understand English.
    I looked it up with Google Translate.
    Excuse me if the interpretation is wrong.
    Protecting your family leads to protecting the world.
    I have no English ability, so please forgive me if there are any mistakes in the text.

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  3. Heidi · مايو 16

    it is a hard life we live on earth, I’m so glad Father God has promised heaven to all who surrender to Christ Jesus! Do we all have one teacher in our past who squelched our desire to do what we do? My 8th grade art teacher I could do nothing right for. My father, art teacher who encouraged me, died when I was in 6th grade. I have dabbled and have the equipment, but never really gone back to regular art work. I think sometimes the pen (computer keyboard) is more creative than paint, pencils, crayons…but I love to put photos amid my words! Thanks for joining my blog readership Mounzer! I hail from Northern New York State, USA

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    • Mounzer · مايو 16

      My dear, thank you for your participation in my article, it is an indescribable feeling, because of a foolish person, my life has changed, you know the difficulty of life these days, I could have been a famous painter, but now I am looking for work here and there for me and my family, I am tired Because of a sin I have no fault of ….🙏🌹😍❤️


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