CoronaVirus is the dream killer

Four months and the world from its east to its west, and from its north to its south, is busy eliminating the most serious epidemic affecting people in the third millennium, schools, universities, all businesses and businesses have been disrupted, the movement in the land and the sky has stopped, and we have sat at home We watch the news, look at the pages on social media, and content ourselves with speaking, from far to far, and here it is, the Corona virus is gradually diminishing and the indicators say: To the nearness of man’s victory over this malicious epidemic, and man throughout history has not lost a battle, he is victorious in Ultimately, if the price was too high, Corona Virus stopped us from many projects and plans, such as Ag, travel, parties, meetings and conferences …. they are many … many loved ones and friends were killed for us, and it was not enough to do that, but it killed our dreams that we had previously planned, time passed slow on us, our governments endured economic pressure, and We endured physical and psychological pressure ….. But in the end the vision will be clear, and dust will fly in the yard, my beloved, my friends, in the remaining time-out, return to your dreams and plans, let us return to it, to become reality, to return activity, to return Joy for our children and future generations, for the movement to return, for a beautiful and sweet life to return, as it were, we still have many days to live happiness ، and draw a smile, and make glory.


  1. Me gustan sus publicaciones

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  2. Son muy interesantes


  3. chattykerry · أبريل 20

    This is just one of many pandemics that mankind has weathered. I hope that people learn that life is finite and that we should be kinder to each other.

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  4. highlyheidi · 16 Days Ago

    I want to know you

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