Good morning, doctors and nurses

Good morning, especially to those who struggle for us for those who stay up nights in the interest of our safety and the safety of our families, four months in which they have never known rest, continuous hard work, without tiredness or boredom, at the expense of their health and their family, the smile does not leave their faces, we are at home , we watch movies and read and work a little, but the doctors and nurses wear their white clothes, and their hearts are white, they are very tired, and many have given their lives, in the time of the Corona virus, but they won, and the announcement of victory is coming soon, doctors and nurses Thank you for what you have done to us, thank you for the sacrifices, and you deserve a Medal of Merit from all people , with this beautiful day, I tell you from the heart, good morning.


  1. Neha nandwana · أبريل 21

    Well written 👏 👏 hats off to all the doctors, nurses and workers who are looking after day and night 🙏🙏

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  2. Good morning!

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  3. SnowHearT · أبريل 21

    Salute to all frontliners!!!

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  4. AnuRijo · أبريل 21

    Short and crisp👍🏻..
    I also did a thankyou note for frontline staff..they’re the real heroes 🦸‍♀️..

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