Valentines encounter

What a beautiful meeting after absence, after a long wait, a return from long travel, and the trouble of longing and longing, the meeting is stronger, due to the motives of love and memories of years, hug and kisses, and a heartache, for those who have missed these moments, and the pain of separation and alienation He falls asleep at the pleasure of meeting, and if for a short time, let us enjoy these times, who knows, perhaps, we return again to the separation, how much I crave for this day,how much i need it, the estrangement is long, come on, come tomorrow, come take me to the future, To a day, Valentines Day.


  1. Eso seria algo estupendo para las personas con parejas

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  2. Manuela · أبريل 23

    Beautiful 🌹

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  3. Michael Newberry · أبريل 23


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  4. da-AL · أبريل 26

    very pretty! many tx for visitng my blog – wishing you all the best here 🙂

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  5. Kristi · أبريل 27

    So beautifully written… ❤️

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