the last day

I previously wrote a section of my novel (Nayrouz), and it was titled pleasure of Pain … … and today I will write a new section of that novel entitled (The Last Day): ……………. ………… On that day in the month of November, I could not sleep, and all the time while I watched my phone, I am waiting for an important call, it gives me reassurance …. The time passed slowly as if as years … I look at the clock, I walk between the bedroom and the sitting room …. until I stood on the window watching the movement outside, maybe news comes, from one of them, the movement increases and accelerates in the street, people started going to their work, and my heart beat accelerated with it. The phone finally rings, and I jump as an Olympic competitor to it … But unfortunately my manager was at work, asking about me, why is you late today, you have a lot of work … You should have told us that you will not come ….. I told him: No no no I am coming, but it is crowded with transportation, you You know the crowding these days, I am coming, minutes I will be in my work ….. I went out quickly, I did not care for my view, and not for the dress … I drove my car like crazy, the phone is in my hand, and my eyes are between the phone and the road …. I arrived at My job …. and the phone rang when I got to my office ….. Nayrouz..Nayrouz .. her voice, it is morning music, birds singing, Nai shepherd, mother’s call to her son ….. yes, yes, it was a night voice And seems tired of long travel … here I am, and I’m fine،in turkey We came to a city close to the beach, and we are in a good hotel, I could not contact, we got tired, and we are in one room, and everyone in the hotel like us, they came here, to migrate at sea …… to Europe, My brother went out with others to search for immigration merchants, and I said to her: Well, well the important thing is that you are fine, I am very nervous, I thought about it a lot, come back and come back here, that I read the news, and the incidents and risks are many, we do not need to take risks, I am afraid …. She interrupted me saying: You promised me that you will come, right? You will come, I will get everything to go together, I am waiting for you …. Maybe tomorrow morning everything will be ready, do not be late … You will come to me Q I also love you and I cannot live without you and ready for everything for the sake of our love … We are tired enough, and it is time to rest and live the rest of life together, away from all, I told her: Yes, yes, today I will travel to you, Don’t worry … I love you and I miss you so much … I hung up the phone … I became more stressed … I couldn’t continue my work, I feel oxygen is a little, I need to breathe, I quit my job and got out quickly …. I will go and I tell them, I will tell them what I will do, she is waiting for me and I cannot lie to her this time … I headed to the village, to my father’s house ….. His wife opened the door, she noticed my tension …. Goodness, Nayrouz, why is your face yellow? And you look nervous, Where is my father? I want my father ….. my father was in the garden drinking his coffee …. Hi Nayrouz, my father said: Come and drink coffee with me, no I don’t want, I am in a hurry but I want to tell you something, I decided to travel, I decided to travel At sea, and I’m going to marry Laila ….. my father got up like a madman, what do you say, expose yourself to death … are you crazy …. oh my dad I want to live my life happy, and my happiness with Laila .. here you did not allow us Circumstances and no habits … nor people … We want to escape from this reality … My father replied nervously … You are stupid, get away from my face … I approached him and told him: You did what you liked, you left us and We are young and married, and the important thing is that you are happy, you are selfish ….. yes Selfish … and my father was nothing but a slap in the face for me, with all his strength, this was the third slap in my life …. and I went out then … and I went to my house to bring my belongings and my passport … and then I go to my mother to say goodbye …… The time passed, and the mother’s supplication was sufficient, to give me confidence, even though I was not forthright with her, regarding travel by sea and marriage to Laila …. while I was on the way to Lebanon by taxi … I called Layla, she told me They found someone transporting them in the minnows to Europe, to the other bank in Greece, and the departure will be at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, I said to her well, I am on the way, and the plane will take off at ten in the evening, at five in the morning I will be in the hotel, and Q To meet there, she said: I will wait for your arrival, in safety, remember that I love you …. and I also, and I also told her …. congestion was severe at Beirut airport, and on the plane … all of them want to immigrate … we arrived to turkey, I don’t know what there is … Why is this delay in procedures, time is running …. and I ran to shorten the time, I told the taxi driver take me to the hotel …. quickly please … what is there my friend, what is there … … the driver said: There is a malfunction in the car, I cannot follow up, oh my God, what is this luck, it may be delayed .. What do I do … Please, I want another car, (In that period, the migrants were blackmailed a lot, and maybe this malfunction is intended to take More money) a car came Another, the driver told me we can’t get any closer because we are not authorized, go down here and walk for ten minutes and find the hotel in front of you, that in this direction, oh God, I will be late in this case, how will I call her to tell her there is no phone with me, and the shops are closed At this time, there are no street phones in this area, but I certainly will not ride the minnows before I get there, she will wait for me ….. I walked more than an hour, he lied to me, you dreaded driver ……… . Continued


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