Coronavirus (if I could)

Coronavirus (if I could)………………………………… Here is the train of a lifetime walking quickly, in its various stations, joyful and sad, three months passed by us, and perhaps it is the most difficult experience that we will live, and the maximum test, for patience, faith, and hope, and then to start, to work again, it will return Life is as it was, and it is better, but the results will not be easy, the price may be expensive, all of this happened to us because of our neglect of ourselves, so epidemics and diseases have permeated us, and the most dangerous and strongest came, that it was the dreaded Corona Virus epidemic, paralyzing life with length and breadth And disrupted all of our components, and explained the imbalance and weakness of the governments, which were strong in appearance and appearance, but it turned out how fragile it is Inside, and after that comes the stage of settling scores, and if I had it from the beginning I wouldn’t have let him reach here, if I could take Corona Virus and put it in a small bottle, and I went away in the sea, and I threw it at the deepest point I got from the sea, but …. No, no, I will not do, maybe a poor fisher man will come, wants to fish and sell his hunting to feed his children, and Corona Virus comes to them, no no I will not do, maybe his family is damaged, and then the Corona Virus rebellion and spread again, will not I have solved the problem …. I will think of another solution, well, I found it … I will put it in the bottle and dig a very deep hole, and bury it in it, to die forever, but ….. No no I will not do maybe it comes an a farmer Poor, who wants to dig a well to irrigate his farm, or water his animals, Corona Virus will come out of his bottle and infect his family, farm and animals and Corona Virus will spread again, and the danger will return strong, no no I will not do that, I will consider another solution .. …. I had an idea, the fire, yes it is the fire ….. I will put the bottle on a pile of firewood, and put fuel on top of it, and so it will burn forever without returning, the fire is unforgiving, and I have removed this worry from the people But … No, no, I will not do. Maybe the dust spread in the air, and the effects of Corona Virus remained, that he might live again, people breathe, and enter their bodies, and I would not have cured the problem but increased it, the largest way to spread is the air ….. do not I will not do … I’ll think about the final solution, but there is a solution? Is this malicious epidemic difficult for us ….. I thought a lot …. and here came to me the idea, I studied it well and this idea is the most appropriate, I will return you, the damn epidemic from where you came, Corona Virus I will return you to sleep in your cave, come back and lie There …. we will agree on a truce …. calm down and sleep in your cave …… because this lesson from life we need it every period, lack of faith, hatred and hatred, envy, neglect, and poverty And hunger …. and wars, and the arms race and selfishness … that brought us here. Do we learn from the lesson? And we remain vigilant and address weaknesses in us and learn to love, or will we go back to sleep, and take advantage of that and come back again … because we humans seem to need you again, at some point, you return and awaken the feeling in us, and history always brings back Himself.


  1. Wanda Luthman · مايو 4

    So interesting. It is true that anything destructive like this brings a lesson. I hope and pray we learn it

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  2. M'bolla · مايو 5


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