My friends, workers, hope and work morning

I woke up today, on Thursday morning / April 30, 2020 early, filled with optimism, hope, trust and love, that the clouds started to go away and the months of fear, laziness and boredom would become a memory of our lives, and activity and the wheel of life would return And work and production to spin again, I woke up early, and sat thinking and planning what to start, in the midst of the pressures and long suffering that passed and the most serious challenge that we were exposed to in the third millennium (Corona Virus epidemic) I remembered tomorrow, May 1, international workers day , I will bless every productive hand in this world, every hand that is tired and given to this world is a sacred hand, and workers are an essential pillar in Civilization progressed and developed. Some of them are on the production lines behind the machine, an oil field, or a power station, in kilns, in construction, on roads, bridges, and train stations, in grain silos, in ports and ships. And airlines and transportation ….. and many, many and countless fields … …, and a large number of workers gave their lives in order to achieve their rights and for a developed civilized world, and there are places Difficult work of a special quality, whether its seriousness or negative health effects, (the first thing I planned for is: I will call with a group of my worker friends and congratulate them on this great occasion), this year’s celebrations may not be suitable for The value and brotherhood of the workers is due to the restrictions imposed on gatherings, but it must not be forgotten, and not tomorrow is an ordinary day, the passing of honorable passions, hundreds of years mixed with race and blood, suffering and pain and injustice, slavery and exploitation, Physically and psychologically, we must not leave a moment, except for their hands and support for giving and effort, work and workers are the hope upon which civilizations are built, and the development of humanity that does not stop, and an important question arises in my mind, has workers taken their rights The answer is definitely not, and the evidence is, the strike every now and then, and in many areas persecution and injustice still exist, must continue. The struggle and the demand to obtain all the rights they deserve, and their battle against exploitation continues, this is a long and endless battle, as long as there is work, there is hope, hope for a better life, a happy life filled with good and love, faith and good deed, workers Greetings to you from the heart.


  1. Prakaash inspiration · أبريل 30

    Nice post.Thanks for following me🙏

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  2. ElisaMG · أبريل 30

    Nice! Helped me put my mind in a good place today. Thanks for the follow!

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  3. Thanks for your visit. Followed you ☺️

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  4. Tethra Simone · مايو 3

    Beautifully said!

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  5. viewfromoverthehill · مايو 4

    Where I live, nothing has yet changed. We are still hunkered down and staying home. Where are you? Stay safe…

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  6. clara80 · مايو 7

    Hope for better, so true

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