It is no longer important

On that winter day, the weather is very cold, after the rain fell heavily over the past two nights, he had to go out to bring bread to his children, and then he would search for some wood, to light the fireplace, his wife said: It is too late, why not go out? If you are late, you will not find bread, and after a little while the children will wake up and search for bread to eat food, come on, come on go out, and do not delay, do not delay, I know you when you go to the oven, how to talk to the women there, and forget yourself, well my wife Well, on his way to the oven, notice that no one is chasing him, he turned to the back and did not find anyone, followed his path, and yet he knew that someone was chasing him, and before turning to the oven, he heard a voice calling out, oh this, oh this … Yes, do you mean me … and is there anyone other than you here …. so, what do you want from me, they were two men, the first is a huge long, close to two meters, bald the head and his feet look huge through his shoes, and the fist of his hand A beer … And the second one, with a blonde beard and puts a wool hat on his head and his length and size is normal .. The little man said: Where is the money, where is the money, our boss sent us for the money, and he says to you three days late for payment … Doesn’t the boss know that the weather was bad all this time, and there is no work to do, I could not secure the money …. and there is nothing with me other than home spending, to bring food to my children, after I deliver bread to the house, I will go to it and explain to it The situation …. No, no, no need for that, he is not here, he asked last night, gave us his orders, and he traveled this morning and will not return until the weekend … He wants his money now, bring what you have … I told you I have nothing but home expenses, and my children are waiting for bread … well, if he takes .. and the big man started beating him, and punching from here with the hand or the foot, and even with the head …. and when he finished, the blood began covering the face The man, unable to move … He said to him: You have three more days, or something bigger will not wait for you, and they took the money that was with him and left ….. Oh what do I do, bread … all of that happened within two minutes Unfortunately, no one passed through the street, due to the very cold moving light today, he got up with difficulty, wiped his face, and bread … How will I feed the children … I will go to the oven and try to borrow bread … The oven arrived, no one, Did it turn off the oven …. here is the door open, my friend, my friend … that you, as usual, always late … What is this blood What happened to you? Nothing, nothing. I fell on the road, I was walking quickly and fell, the man said: He is not convinced, good or good, but, the bread has run out today, you know winter and people take more quantities in anticipation of the weather conditions, no do not say that … my children are waiting and there is nothing to eat, please help me, please …. well, here is the amount of bread for my house, I will divide it equally between me and you …. but it is small because I, only my wife and I …. take This is half of it … but … not enough, not enough, my three children and my wife and I, please help me, I will collect the leftover bread, which is returned from him ….. The owner of the oven said: Oh man, man, this we send To feed cows and livestock, and from there I passed Its two days and more and it may be contaminated …. Respond to him: It does not matter, it does not matter, my wife and I will eat from this, and we leave bread for the children … I forgot to tell you, I do not have money, two or three days I will pay you … No, I forgive you today, does not remember … Do not think about it, forget it … Collect a large amount of residue … Maybe enough for several days … He returned to the house and heard the voices of his children, demanding food, His wife noticed the effects of the beating, she did not ask him anything about that, but she said to him: Are you okay, wash your face and hands, the food is ready ….. man, man, what is this … what is this … its smell stinky .. He said to her: Feed the children good bread, eat with them, and leave me the residue, I will try to What good is the rest of it and we will throw it away …. She got up and got close to him, what happened?he said: I will explain to you later …..continue….


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  2. QueridaJ · مايو 5

    I just realized when i translated your earlier post that you have posted what you wrote in English! I am happy because I now know I am not missing your posts written in Arabic and that also Google translate can read Arabic 🙂

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