You are still young for picking apples

I finished my lecture, and a number of attendees began to approach me, including those who wish to thank me for this lecture, which was about the role of women in society, and being half of society, as it is the mother, daughter, sister, wife, sweetheart, and girlfriend …. And her struggle and her insistence to achieve her rights, and I gave some examples of the successes of women, whether they were a political leader, a doctor, or a scientist, and talked about the jealousy that some men fall in, and about the struggle of male societies ….. and some Those who approached me, they had a variety of questions, and some of them liked to thank me, or to get acquainted only, and also for compliments … and then, I headed towards the corridor that drove me to my car, and one of the supervisors accompanied me to the lecture and went back inside …. And I went to my car … Oh,teacher , I looked at the sound, and it was a young girl, she was not twenty years old … Teacher, yes, yes, miss … I could not talk to you inside, there were many around you, I walked behind you, and I found someone accompanying you, and I did not want to talk to you in his presence …. I want to ask you a question, I told her : Miss, yes, you can … my teacher, does marriage stop a woman’s ambition? Of course, I mean marriage, having children, and building a family, isn’t that enough to kill my ambition as a girl? All my time will be home and children, and I naturally love children, I will give them all my attention, what do you think? Her questions were fast … (And I look at her with great interest, perhaps because of the beauty of her beauty, perhaps because of the strength of her personality, perhaps from her self-confidence, I do not know that I liked her while she was talking) ….. I said to her: My little girl There are many women’s personalities these days. She has two children and maybe more, and she is a well-known and famous person, and in many areas … ministers or deputies in parliament or even female heads of government …, and surely you have heard about it, and followed up Her work, her ambition, and fulfilled her dreams, by moving to the first row of leadership, and succeeded in her work ….. but you, my little girl, why do you ask about that, and you are at the beginning of the road, and you did not finish your studies …. Oh, teacher, Friend At the university, marriage wants me, he loves me so much, and has everything, luxury cars, houses, money ….. everything …. I told her and what about you? Don’t you love him, she said: I do not feel passionate about him but he likes me as a young man, but he is still a young man … and I feel that I excel in him in many fields …. If I marry him, he will frustrate my dreams and my ambition, and freeze the ceiling of my plans … (I felt That the conversation will last, and I enjoy with her in everything, her voice, her beauty, her confidence, and her dreams ….) I said to her: Well my little girl, let your mind rule, choose where you find yourself, as you wish, sit with him and be honest that Your studies and work in the future are priorities for you …. Discuss, and in the end, I find that will and desire are superior to circumstances .. The important thing is that frustration and failure do not penetrate into you, as life is beautiful in The challenge, the challenge of the difficulties and the circumstances ….. and I said to her: Now excuse me, I will go, I have an appointment, I do not like the delay in the dates … I got in my car and went to my office..and I was afraid that I would stay with her for a longer time, so that I do not weaken in front of her and my turn turns from the lecturer to the admired pupil … I did not leave her voice, and her beauty, her ambition, like a wild horse, who does not fear the rough roads …… Two or three days have passed, and I am sitting In my office in the morning … My phone rang, strange number, I don’t know it ….. I said yes, Hello …. A warm voice came to me … teacher, how are you, did you know me …. I said ignorant and deceived. … No, no I did not know you … Did you not remind me …. (I tried to ignore more … but I fear T would frustrate her and turn off the phone), and within me is a feeling that she took me twenty years back, and my happiness is indescribable to hearing her voice, unbelievable .. when it happens with me …; yes, yes my little girl …. I knew you .. You are the bride …. and how do I forget you … Have you called to send me a wedding attendance card … she laughed, and oh, the beauty of her laughter, music that resided in my chest ….. No, no, teacher I have finished all Something between us, and I liked to thank you for your advice to me ….. I decided to postpone all the link projects, until I finish my studies, then I will decide ….. I said to her: Hey, my little one …. and closed the phone …. ( Perhaps the phone stayed in my hands for two minutes while it was on my ear ….. until entered the secretary and cut my fiction ) ….. I didn’t think of it Meanwhile, except in the days of youth, and having fun and escorting beautiful girls … I quickly returned to my reality …. I continued my work and preparing for the next lecture ….. The week passed quickly and on the weekend I spent the time as usual with my family and children ….. And on the first day of the new week .. And as soon as I entered my office … the secretary came telling me, that there is a guest who wants to meet you and did not say her name … I told her well to enter … (as if the moon With his beauty and charming looks) … Yes it was … go ahead .. go sit … I tried to control my happiness ….. good morning, teacher … she said it in a tone .. entered My ears and my heart … and split in two halves (… turned into a lego diver In the water … or a cloud fading in the sky … or a star embracing the evening …) .. I came to the office to thank you and to take more of your knowledge, experience and advice …. Welcome and easy …. I drink coffee .. Do you want to drink it or drink something else …. No, I will drink as you drink …. In fact, I do not know what the conversation took place … Perhaps everything … Once I finish my speech, until she comes to speak, and what if She finishes her words until I start another conversation … an hour, two hours … three … And like coffee cups … I don’t know how long ago … and with every cup of coffee she smoked a cigarette … and With every cigarette, I feel that my heart is beating more quickly …. and shortly before it went I moved behind my desk and sat Next to her … and I have a little shyness … and she is in her full heart ….. when she goes .. I told her: and I’m going too … I drive you to where you want to go .. What do you think … I agreed to Accompanying her to her …. I brought her to the place she wanted, and she went ….. I cannot describe these feelings that came to me …. (I put my hand on the place where she was sitting and touched him ….. As if I touched her body … and I smell it) … a minute or less. My phone rang … Thank you, teacher, thank you for this wonderful day and for accompanying me … Thank you ……… I said to myself: She is delusions, man. You are delusional. She is just a teenage student. She wants to spend her time here and there, and she wants to do her best …. and the next day. We talked over the phone twice .. In the first she called, and in the second I called her …. I don’t know how I missed her .. I look at the phone, and I hope he rings … and I am ashamed to call her … but passed Two days and she didn’t call …. I couldn’t resist more … I called her … and I told her … Where are you, what are your news .. She said: Nothing is the study … Then she said … You teacher , you seem to be busy, and you don’t have time …. Me, why? No, not all of my time is yours … She said: I did not notice that ….. (As if she poured oil on the fire ……. I enriched the bull …. and I didn’t want to feel about it) … I told her what do you have now? She said: Nothing …. (as if she was waiting for me to talk about this) … I told her: Well, go ahead, I’m in the office … it was twelve o’clock in the afternoon …….. She said give me half an hour and I’m going out ….. I do not know what to do …. confusion, heart rate, fear, and hesitation …. I asked the secretary to leave early …. and I closed the office door so no one would come and spoil the meeting …. What do I do..I am crazy, teenager, after half an hour has passed .. I stood on the window watching her coming … stood about an hour, are the customs of women in appointments … Too late …. Here she is, here she is coming I will open The door and I stand at her reception …. Hi, hello … (My heart beats accelerating … My body trembles, I turned into a teenager Small …) In her heavenly shirt and jeans, a soft red blush on her lips, her aroma is delicious … her thirst … (like a raging pony who is preparing to jump) … She said: Sorry, I’m late … i took a quick bath .. And you know make-up … takes time …. I told her (and I am drowned in her sea, and my heat is like being in an oven): I know, I know … The important thing is that you are here and the rest does not matter …. She told me: You are alone today Where is the secretary … I told her: She finished her time and went a little while ago …. She told me: Good that I was late, until she left … and laughed … I told her: What are you drinking, I have everything … She said: coffee and I will bring it, you will drink coffee made by my hand today …. I told her: Would you permit me to close the door, so that no one and my Our session was corrupted, she said: Well … this is better … I said to her .. Do you know that you are beautiful, she said to me: Oh teacher, you are a brilliant lecturer, and certainly in spinning and adoration you will be adept … and I am not stronger to keep up with you … I sat next to her .. We talked a lot and i became a smoker with her, and smoked with her from the same cigarette …. Then I got closer to her … Then I put my hand behind her ….. And then I put my hand on her hair … .. she got up from her place and said: Please, teacher …. I am not what you think ….. I said to her: Sorry, I am sorry, sit … I went back and sat next to her …. and I said to her: Don’t be afraid, I just, I liked you, did not hold myself, and did not control my temper …. She said to me: You guys are like each other, cannot trust, you look at the woman only through her body …. I got closer to her and I was fascinated by her beauty..and I had not heard a word from what she said .. .. I put my hand on her shoulder … and then on her neck …. She looked To me, a look between rejection and acceptance … I looked in her eyes and then to her lips …. and my face got closer to her face … and she still looks at me … and the desire in her eyes …. moved my mouth towards her mouth And I kissed her … She didn’t mind … And my tongue started flirting with her tongue … I don’t know where my hands went …. on her chest …. Unbutton the buttons she wears …. and behind Its back … as if I had fifty fingers … and I started playing with it as I wanted … it melts with me like a piece of snow in the summer … fire and flames and when I was afraid to stretch more things ….. suddenly .. I stood up away from her, she look at me wonderingly. ..And I said to her …. you are as delicious as the honeycomb that the old man desires, and as warm as sulfurous water heals the patient, ripe as a cactus leaf, but you are a raging volcano, a dream for every man …. but I am not that man … Okay, put on your clothes … and leave … my girl …: you are still young for picking apples…………………….. …………………… ….will be continue…………..All rights reserved to the publisher exclusively…….


  1. M'bolla · مايو 5

    Great! Thanks for the compliments to the women out there.xoxo

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  2. marycarmenmur · مايو 5


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    • Mounzer · مايو 5

      Thank you for your continuous support, and I hope you will repeat the translation several times so that you can enjoy better, because it is one of the most important things I wrote.🙏❤️🌹

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    • Mounzer · مايو 5

      And the problem for me right now, is that I don’t find a sponsor for my blog yet


  3. cheriewhite · مايو 5

    Thank you so much for posting this! As women, we need the encouragement!

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