In the time of coronavirus (love is through the blog)

I did not expect that I would get involved in this dilemma, by writing here on WordPress, I fell in love, yes I fell in love, but fell from the bottom of my feet to my head, I had many feelings, the feelings of a young teenager, she is a wonderful person who deserves love and attention, I did not express her My love so far, perhaps ashamed, I am much older than her, and I am afraid that her candidness will change her perception of me, and end our friendship. For her, I am a friend, she takes his opinion and converses, but I loved her, how? I don’t know ……. I don’t know …… The important thing is that I am in love …. after the spread of Corona Virus and the danger that threatened the planet, perhaps because of the painful isolation that I suffer from, more than three months ago, and I am alone in this house away from my family and loved ones, alone among the walls of the house, there is no companion for me except some books, and the mobile, I talk to my family every period, and I read the news, and I practice my hobby in writing and reading, and perhaps adoration, it is said that I Adorable in the words of love, and she is a beautiful girl, her image resembles the image of the moon after a rainy night, or like the sun at sunset while she sleeps in the depth of the sea, so fascinated by her that every day I try to create a new subject , or an argument Different, but today I desire it, I want it with me here, and I fear if life returns to normal, we will all return to work and work, and time passes and I lose it …. I want to keep it, but close up … I hold her And I combine her, and kiss her … like the two lovers …. I may be selfish … but it is my feelings …. I did not see it up close … only in the picture … the still image … not the video but only the pictures that She puts it in her articles and I have not even heard her voice, only articles …. she is in a country and I am in a country, so I do not know that I speak her language and do not know my language … we only share ideas and comments and translate through the mobile translator …… I won’t tell her … I don’t want to lose her … I will keep this love to me ….. Maybe it is the conclusion in my life ….. As I was born to love my mother ……. And I live love with my family … I hope to die while I am in love and my heart is young Drenched in love …………………………………………………………….my friends : this issue is open to discussion in an open dialogue with you…..


  1. viewfromoverthehill · مايو 8

    Interesting to read. I’m not sure if you are fantasizing or expressing a newfound joy in life. Whatever it is, enjoy it. Cheers.

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  2. BabyFunbo · مايو 8

    People do say that ” Love knows no boundaries. ” And maybe that’s what you’re experiencing right now or maybe it is just a longing for companionship. Either way, if it makes you happy you should enjoy it.

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    • Mounzer · مايو 8

      Thank you, I really need love and tenderness, but where I find it, I am currently experiencing this experience with different feelings …. Unfortunately with imagination …. But I want it to be true …. It is difficult … 🙏❤️🌹😍

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    • Mounzer · مايو 8

      I like your writing style, I feel like you are writing about yourself sometimes, and you want to convey a message that you are more mature and stronger ….. 🙏

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      • BabyFunbo · مايو 8

        Thank you, that really means a lot. 😊 💙I do write from personal experience sometimes and I prefer to narrate things in the form of a story because I find it easier to voice my thoughts.

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      • Mounzer · مايو 8

        Good luck my dear, and always I will give you my opinion 😍🙏

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  3. BabyFunbo · مايو 8

    Thank you so much and good luck to you too. 😊❤️

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  4. cbholganza · مايو 13

    so happy for you. for finding love. for learning to love so joyfully, without holding back. you are blessed to have been given this wonderful opportunity.

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  5. Rebecca Trotter · مايو 22


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