..The answer of this kind lady was very influential in myself to my last article(finally, joy returned) , and my response to her was emotionally honest, realistic, I touch the condition of many in this world, and I wanted to share with you…………………………. …… (My dear, thank you for your participation in my article, we must be patient of course, but faith and work in the good is the most important, we must cooperate, not us people but governments because the future is ambiguous, the most difficult thing in life is hunger, to dream about something that is near you But you can not get it, not only the economy stops, I mean poverty, poverty do you know the meaning of that, being dead while you are alive, being blind and you see ….. an endless story, that cannot be described in this place. ….. It is our luck in life …. We are only required to wait patiently for death …..)


  1. Teacher Camille · مايو 16

    Wow, strong words that are beautifully written in this article. I feel every word you said especially regarding poverty. I really hope that those in authority really have the heart to serve the people, especially those in need. 🙏

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  2. Rumikoの日記 · مايو 16

    After all, it seems that the translation function does not convey the true feelings.
    I’m sorry I don’t understand English.

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    • Mounzer · مايو 16


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  3. Rumikoの日記 · مايو 16

    Japan has a law stipulated in Article 25 of the Constitution.
    All citizens have the right to live a healthy and culturally minimal life.
    States must endeavor to improve and improve social welfare, social security and public health in all aspects of their lives.
    There are laws that guarantee the right to life and protect the public in the form of welfare.
    However, in Japan, the number of suicides is increasing year by year.
    It does not decrease.
    Many seem to be suffering from greater social problems than poor ones.
    It is a society where it is difficult to live.
    Researchers say the Japanese will not exist in the future.
    It is an extinction theory of Japanese people.

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    • Mounzer · مايو 16


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