A beggar selling articles

Today, after life has returned to normal, I was energetic and enthusiastic about the return to work, the weather is hot and the summer flames started, and the laugh has returned to my face and the pallor that disappeared for me over the past months has disappeared, and optimism seemed slowly and slowly … I gathered My papers scattered, my books and I sat for two hours arranging them, and I say to myself, today our lives will change, I will achieve something that will make my wife and my children happy …….. Today I will find someone I contract with, a newspaper, a publishing house, or a website, I will not return Until I find someone, and show him my articles and my books …. I am sure that they will be liked by many, if they do not compete for them …. (Before the era of Coronavirus I was writing for the hobby only, and the one who encouraged me to continue is: WordPress …. until I had a large number of articles and novels …. and I became abundant in writing ……) Everything was around me Calls for joy and joy ….. I put some articles and notebooks in my bag and got out …. I got on the bus and it was unusual, a little crowded, and the number of passengers does not exceed the number of fingers of one hand ….. Maybe this is the first Once several months ago I find a place to sit, I thanked God for this place that he gave me at the beginning of my day …. I put in my program four addresses, I will start from the closest, maybe I save my effort ….. I entered the publishing house (I said to myself if I published myself And participation with the publishing house will have more payback) …. I sat in this place for more than an hour, and moved from one person to another .. Until I reached the decision-maker in the publishing house … He looked at me with a pity … He said: Did you know that every person in this world has a phone that can read anything …. I said to him: Well, what are you saying? Do you read some of what I have? …… No, no, I don’t need it, you can post it on your personal webpage …. and the money comes from the ads ….. I told him: Do you see I am a person who is good at this ….. He told me: You can find someone to help you …. I told him: For this I came to you ……. He said to me: Oh man there are millions like you in this world …. You manage yourself ….. and apologize to me without reading or knowing anything …. oh how the days have changed … I have to go to the next place and it was a well-known newspaper building ….. I entered and it was I was greeted by an elegant little girl … I said, hello my daughter …. I am a writer and I have books that I want to show to the official … but oh, Mr :you have to send an email to set an appointment for you … because the offers are many and the authors are in thousands … I told her: Is it possible to find someone to give him an idea only …. She told me: Sorry, and she apologized from me …. And she gave me a new issue of the newspaper … to see it …. and I came out sad, I said to myself, that she is an employee, and does not have a decision ….. These are the orders and I have implemented them … The third title was A newspaper also entered the place, I waited two hours and more in the waiting room, no one came and I caught my attention except the number of beautiful girls and elegance, as if I were in a fashion show, and I could hear the loud voices of their laughter, I did not wait until my dignity was hurt and I also came out frustrated .. …. I have nothing left A fourth title is: an electronic newspaper website ….. the building was a single room …. and the employee, the administrator, the owner, the director and the editor are one person ….. and I found him inside sitting alone and lay next to him The Whiskey Cup … and plays at the computer in front of him …. He welcomed me very much …. He was a joke, and he told me, sir, write about the problems, write about the differences between this and that … write about art, actors and famous people …. try to create a story and if a lie distracts people … try to stand on another bank ….. those in the next bank attack you, and laugh at those on your bank .. … Learn hypocrisy, write without honesty, but your writing …. is no longer useful … it is part of the past … male T my friend, memories ……. I went out of his office, frustrated, I sway like a drunk …. I speak to myself …. I walk like I dance …. the dance of death …. and laugh … Like a fool ….. and my bag is in my hand ……. and people in the street look at me with amazement, they think I am crazy, and I had an idea …… as long as people turned to me with amazement and laughed,I will not change, I will not change my principles, I will represent the truth to them, and they will believe that I am playing , why don’t I play The role of the clown …. here is the bag and here are the papers and notebooks. In my childhood, I was skilled in acting in school plays …. I will play the role of a writer, or an author, who sells his writing, such as onions, or tomatoes …….and talk about what happened to me today, they will think that I am playing , and people laugh and I’ll open the bag to put Fans of money in, will be filled shortly after, if successful …. I’ll do it every day and beg of my papers and my articles and my compositions ………


  1. viewfromoverthehill · مايو 20

    Yes, writing is a lonely and frustrating ambition. Good luck in everything you do. Keep well…..

    Liked by 3 people

  2. vadaaj · مايو 20

    Hearing “NO” serves only to force true writers to continue to write. The joy is in the writing, amazement comes with knowing someone thinks we have written something worth reading. Contentment comes with the understanding that regardless of other’s opinions, we are writers and they are not. Keep writing.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Mounzer · مايو 20

      I will not stop writing, I will continue my fight for the noble principles and values ​​in life, I will complete the journey of my life, but in poverty and hunger …. Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

  3. patoxu · مايو 21

    flip the omelette. You are a writer, a good writer or not, it depends. You don’t need intermediaries. Show the world what you are … it will respond in some way

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mounzer · مايو 21

      My dear, oh, we have to dream … and live the dream until it becomes true .. 🙏


      • patoxu · مايو 21

        Yeah! Let’s dream a lot … The most beautiful stories are born from dreams ( sorry for my english)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Mounzer · مايو 21

        I am afraid that we will die dreaming, we are tired of dreams …. we are no longer young … until sleep no longer comes, because of the large number of thoughts … even sleep has escaped from us … we no longer only have daydreams, and unfortunately, daydreams Not complete .. at any moment someone comes and cuts it off …..

        Liked by 1 person

  4. jaldegundep · مايو 22

    Hi there!, Many thanks for your writing! Would you like to share your stories with us at Masticadores / Gobblers (https://gobblersmasticadores.wordpress.com/). We are seeking free collaboration from authors to share their pieces of work; we also have a publishing firm behind named Fleming (https://www.flemingeditorial.es/). If you are interested, could you drop me an email at jaldegundep@gmail.com so we can discuss further? Many thanks and regards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mounzer · مايو 22

      Dear, I was pleased to write ، and thank you, but I want to know more about you, I will send an email regarding my inquiries 🙏❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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