I miss you

Three months, apparently not enough until I was released from the prison I am in. What is my crime? Why? … What is the reason? …. There is no answer …. Answer, enough given to me, enough silence, do you not know …. this arbitrary arrest for all of us, three months … Who speaks? Who is held accountable? It is past, yes, gone, but, why? .. Because I am a human being on this planet, a mass of flesh and blood, I breathe the air ….. Were i arrested for fear of my health … for fear of dying … for fear that I would be hurt in Coronavirus and transfer the virus to another person … … There is something we do not know .. … Now we got out of the houses … Some went back to work, and some are waiting (and I am one of them) … But, do you notice with me That there are strange things …. different people … not the same people … shapes, behaviors, and even words …. there is something that has changed ……. knowing that we were in a big prison, we do what we want And when do we want, and how do we want …. but it is a restriction, we were chained ….. no one answered my question, why? …. for whom? …. a Many analysts, and each side defends its point of view, and the hypocrites installed the wave as usual, who knows and who does not know, and the cause is lost, everything is destroyed within us, the negative effects of this arrest are many, and its effects will remain for many years, until this moment no The airports are back to work, I want to go back to my home, to my family, I cannot be patient, my nerves are destroyed and damaged, my mother, my wife, my children …. I miss you …. it is not enough for me to talk to you, and watch you over the phone, without being I touch you and kiss you, and hear you, I do not want a voice without a soul … I am tired … My heart beats to hear news, tells us when to return, and I am afraid my heart will stop before I see you again ….. I sit alone most of the time, read and write, sleep, drink and eat ….. I became a worn man …. just a doll, moving automatically …. I miss you, I want to be with you, between you, Because you are my joy and my smile, you return my soul to its place, and the pulse returns to the heart, and the doll becomes a living being again, through you, because you, the spirit, blood, water, sun, and air, are the life for which I live, I miss you.


  1. vwani · مايو 21

    I feel you. It gonna take a while before we get back to how things used to be.

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  2. Many has affected in this situation in many ways. I can understand this post. I wish you to get back all the happiness that lost in double in remaining days.

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  3. Teacher Camille · مايو 22

    This is such a beautiful writing. I hope you are doing well now and will be reunited with your family soon. Everything will be alright in time. Stay safe and take care wherever you are!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maritza · مايو 22
  5. viewfromoverthehill · مايو 23

    You are not alone. We’re all in this together….

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