I will never give up

With her musical voice, which is designed to comfort the ear, the hour came, announcing seven o’clock in the morning, I tried to ignore this daily traditional voice, but, there is an appointment, an interview, I will go and be there at the appointed time … … I dressed and got out quickly .. I ran toward the bus … and followed it and thanked God for that, if I had waited more, my opportunity would have gone ….. I arrived at the supposed date … I took a number and waited watching the screen …. a few minutes … My turn came … I entered the hall … the committee consisted of three, two men and one woman … I sat down, each one asked me a question … The first question was, from the first man, what is your favorite novel, and why? I said: It is the miserables novel, Victor Hugo, because it is suitable for every time and place and for every human being, and it is a realistic match …… The second question was from the lady, what is the most beautiful painting and who drew it and why ?, I said: It is The last dinner painting, drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci …. Because it is the secret of the continuation of life … faith and love, goodness and cooperation and honesty … and preaching, and the existence of God, these things are the secret of life ….. The third question it was from the second man and apparently he was the head of the committee …. The question was, why did you come here? ….. This was the most difficult question … Silence, a little bit, then I said: It is life sir, I want an opportunity, I have a lot to offer, and I need a lot, I give a little, and you give me a little .. and my family will win … My wife and my children … Finally, part of their dreams is fulfilled, the wretched version, sir …. changed the world, won Truth, goodness, and will .. And the plate of the Last Supper …. The noble values in this life, were the hope that we are working on, so that love, faith and goodness remain, Christ and the disciples around him, hear him with focus, sir if the values that are in Miserables and at the last dinner if they were present these days, it was all A person who took his right to life, was to eliminate injustice and falsehood …. and servitude and oppression … justice was the master of the world and all people are equal in everything, we need the teacher to the leader ……… ……. The head of the committee interrupted me by saying: understandable, understandable, the idea has arrived, you can wait outside, we will announce the preliminary results before noon …. and you can go, we will send you the result in your e-mail ….. I said: Okay, I will wait outside …. I was sure of my success, I gave a typical exam, and the answers were perfect …. Oh if I pass, I will become an editor in this newspaper …. and my name will become known …. Oh I will be famous, how happy my wife will be, I will tell her ….. Oh my wife .. It was a great exam, I will pass, I will pass and I get the job …. I will have a salary every month …. We will not live in anxiety pressed after today …. an hour and announces the result, what did i bring you to the house, to celebrate this occasion with the children, she replied: Nothing, the important thing is that you come well….. I waited in the lobby with some of the contestants, and most of them were confused and afraid, of course except I was speaking with confidence ….. someone shouted: Here are the results announced on the screen, come, colleagues ….. It was p The contestants extended forty people, mostly males, and the required number for the examination is only seven ….. I looked at the screen, of course the first name, it was not my name, nor the second ….. I looked in the eyes of the optimists reading a name. … something seems wrong … I did not see my name ….. I heard voices of joy and saw happiness over who succeeded, and sadness over others …. I walked headless … my eyes got wet inside My glasses … tears filled my face …. I went walking in the street …. I will walk home …. I am tired of getting on the bus … I will walk and calm down and on the way I will take some sweets to my wife and children …. I will say To my wife: The opportunity will not come yet, but I am sure it will come, and I will never give up ….


  1. C.J. Boock · مايو 27

    Never surrender!

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  2. Recuerda….rendirse no es una opcion!

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