My glasses

Inspiration came to me early today, without any thought … I headed to my office in the room next to the bedroom …. I had an idea to complete the conclusion of one of my novels ….. I put my glasses on, I took my blue pen and started writing …. after Few brought my wife a cup of coffee and sat, she tried to chat to see my spirits today after failing yesterday’s test, I didn’t care about her … she went after her to continue working at home ….. I felt pain in my right eye … Maybe it need to clean, wipe The glasses, i found one of the lenses vibrating ….. I called my wife, asked about my old glasses, she said: It is not valid, I asked her to help me install the lens … I cooperated with her, we tried, but to no avail ….. What to do? Ideas will fly from my head, and headlines will be lost, inspiration will go ….. My wife suggested that I record an audio recording on the phone, then the main ideas will remain, I told her: Writing creates a beautiful style, and there are details that come from the moment …. In The recording will be a quick narration, and I feel like someone is chasing me. She said: What will you do then? I told her: Watch me, I will put my glasses on my face, and with one lens I will close my right eye that hurts me, and open the left eye with the left lens, you will help me, bring me a piece of cotton and adhesive tape, paste it on my right eye and I will continue writing, my wife said: And But you man today will do that, but what about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? I said: I have two possibilities, the first possibility: I continue to apply the tape every day, and the second possibility: I will ask a debt from a friend to pay the price of $ 600 …. My wife said: You dream my husband …. no one will give you this debt The days ….. and you will keep writing in one eye .. and laughed .. And she continued saying, and what if you need the glasses outside the house … I told her laughing: I will put a campaign of donations on my personal page, or on my blog, I trust some will donate To me … my wife returned, saying: You will not need anyone, my husband. Take this golden bracelet, I no longer own any other, sell the bracelet and buy new glasses, if the people forget us, God will not forget us, after becomes with you money you will buy me another one. ….. go out now, go and buy glasses, and there is no need to put the adhesive tape, and work with one eye, I want to see you, my husband, with your beautiful eyes, and your eyes will make the glasses beautiful, and you will write more beautifully.


  1. Miishuangmu · مايو 28

    You are right about the writing vibes at the right moment. Your missus is right about getting a new pair of glasses. I understand that due to this health crisis, many places are closed. Would you be able to approach any social service at your end to offer help?

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  2. Binte Bashir · مايو 28

    Loving wife Masha Allah willing to see you happy and healthy!

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