the love

Amidst these fears, hope dissipates and the light diminishes, confidence diminishes, even for moments we think that darkness is the strongest, and who controls our world, dreams are dissipated, and we return disappointed … and Satan plays his game through people like us They resemble us, we put our trust in them, but unfortunately, their heart is black, they know nothing but hatred, injustice, prostitution, immorality, selfishness and authoritarianism ….. they live in the darkness of the night, like bats, they own space alone and are arrogant in the darkness of darkness, and what If the morning rises, the sun returns, and the light prevails ….. they escape to their dark black dens ….. and the light spreads and spreads love, joy and activity with it, and hope returns …. we return to the fields and fields …… We work hard, and our race is blessed by God ….. And victory will be ours, because we only know love.


  1. The love

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  2. yash · يونيو 1

    “Because we only know love” ❤
    Hello sir. I hope you are doing great. It was a beautiful post🙂

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