Is enough

During the past ages and throughout history, mankind has not seen events like the one that passed in the past fifty years … the end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the socialist camp, the emergence of a united Europe, the emergence of the Chinese genie, the emergence of religiously militant movements in the world, and the development of weapons , And the invention of the internet, mobile phone, social networks … and many diseases and epidemics, through SARS, bird flu, pigs, Zika, Coronavirus, AIDS …. and the development of space science …. we lived through all these events, In fifty years, and we have not been deterred, we have not learned, O people, our destiny is one, we are in one house together, and if this house is large with the size of the globe, but we live together side by side, our concerns are one, the pain is one and joy is one, it must end These conflicts that reap hundreds of thousands of people, from the interests of some, who live in the upper floors, you must know, that God’s wrath on all, as well as God’s mercy, generosity and tolerance will be on everyone ….. This life is for us, and This land is ours, let us live in security and peace .. we all deserve life, no difference in religions and no difference in colors … so we can enjoy this life a For a short time … let’s put our hands together and grow stronger … to create a prosperous future for future generations …is enough.

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  1. hanatuamotherslove · يونيو 3

    Honestly, I totally agree with you

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