Read my friend

I have a friend, he has in every discussion the lion’s share, and he knows everything, in art, economics, politics and science ….. Yesterday we were meeting with some friends, and that is after a long interruption, and you know because of the procedures to prevent from Coronavirus … Yesterday we sat discussing the situation in general around the world, especially in light of the two main issues that occupy the world today, and they are: first: Coronavirus when and how will this nightmare that stop the world stop moving, and secondly: the events taking place in the United States of America And the emergence of racism in a scandalous manner and the movements that followed in the street …. In the first topic, our friend intervened and took over the conversation, and he left no room for anyone to speak and interpreted that as a third world war taking place without a weapon, to re-divide the world and it will not end Except by the victory of the United States and the consolidation of its control over the world and in agreement with China, and the cancellation of the role of the European continent that has become old and burdensome … I intervened to tell him ….. It is impossible for anyone to be able to cancel the role of Europe, where is Britain, Russia and France. .. He told me: They will not have a major role, but their roles have become secondary, my friend …. Then he said: Who owns oil and technology (Artificial intelligence) will own the world, and this is only present in China and the United States … Then a third friend came to say to him: China, China is the leader of the world and everyone behind it, boycotted by our friend and said to him: My friend, life always needs a partner, Can life without a woman, things have to be bilateral … Previously, there was an eastern and western camp, communism and capitalism on the surface, different and with the content of partners sharing the world … Indeed, I was impressed by my friend’s intelligence and his analysis of things with logic and knowledge .. … the discussion took long and everyone participated in it … And we moved to the second topic and the events that the United States of America is witnessing. I told him: My friend, do these events weaken the role of the United States in what you said earlier in its leadership of the world, our friend said: There Objectives previously set, in the last two decades, racism has emerged in a frightening way, that what is going on is enough to eliminate racism for the next thirty years, that it is a planned plan to eliminate sedition (racism) through an earthquake event that scares everyone, and in the end everyone will coexist, as happened in the end of the sixties From the last century after the assassination of Martin Luther King … racism calmed down and everyone lived freely and fairly … A friend entered, saying, there are other reasons for this, poverty, work, and housing …. Our friend said, it is the beginning of the road to recovery, the United States is witnessing a strong rebirth, was on the verge of disease, and found treatment … and it is not possible To separate Coronavirus from these events is one goal …. The debate continues for hours and approaches midnight … I loved the discussion not to end .. It was rich in information … I went out to my house and said to myself I must read more So I know more … like my friend who spends most of his time reading …


  1. Yes, we all should read more, listen more and gain knowledge as much as possible

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  2. hanatuamotherslove · June 3

    Definitely 😅😅😂👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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