God will not abandon us

Sadness prevails in the world these days, and the black color dominated everything, beginning with the Coronavirus epidemic, the economic war between the United States of America and China, and the turmoil that followed the murder of George Floyd of African descent, in addition to hunger, poverty and diseases. And migration and wars spread in poor countries …. And the gap between the rich and the poor increases in light of the monopoly of the sources of wealth. … a world that suffers from neglect because of the policies that decision-makers make, and the uniqueness of opinion, without listening to advice or consulting those with experience and knowledge … and we have to suffer and wait, and maybe the next one is worse, and nothing can be done other than Be patient and believe that God will save us from this hell and that God will not abandon us and hold the wrongdoers accountable, for He is able to do everything … And until this moment we have to wear black colors, and keep white colors until the day when divine justice will be achieved, Because I am confident that he will come today.


  1. Sid · يونيو 6

    Preaaach!!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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  2. hanatuamotherslove · يونيو 6

    Definitely it will. For the sake of our children and generations to come,
    God help humanity. God help the AFRICAN CHILD. We need to change our narratives.
    This is my sincere prayer.

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  3. Msdedeng · يونيو 16

    It is called Capitalism at the tip, completely broken and reached it’s past due date. Take care my friend!

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  4. Finding Subjects Podcast · يونيو 18


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  5. coconutcreamcare · يوليو 3

    I agree and would like to add:
    During this current events (crises), and the battle between Good And Evil, Back away from those who worship the Serpent and want to bring Darkness back again.
    Stand up with God. God will not forget us. Put you support and faith in God for God Will Win

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    • Mounzer · يوليو 3



      • coconutcreamcare · يوليو 3

        Glad I found you or you found me. Back in 2012 I was so sick as I lye in the Hospital bed the Doctor’s didn’t know what was wrong. I knew I had to take charge for I couldn’t even get out of bed. God came to me then and after an upper and GI test, I understood how to get well. God helped me with a plan I would get well by what I ate. Cococuntcreamcare tells my story see What happened to me.
        God Bless

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      • Mounzer · يوليو 3

        Thank God for your recovery from illness and good luck🙏

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