Dancing over the dead

Racism, persecution, and violence lead to poverty, ignorance, disease and death, and the world is divided into two parties, the first party 5% of the world, and the second party 95% of the world on the first party: they are proud of the money, and the hypocrites come in lines, cheerful, Clapping, some are ignorant, some are afraid, and some do not know why? Perhaps he thinks that it is a duty, and feasts are held, deals are concluded, wealth increases, and the sound of laughter and joy rises above, and trampling on the rest, with their beautiful shoes, and at the other end: sickness, poverty, and the scent of death spread and fear of the unknown that awaits them for tomorrow And the sound of crying, sadness and pain is loud, they find nothing to eat other than rubbish, and they trample on thorns barefoot naked … No one hears, it is a silent world, consciences are absent, values and principles are lost, we only hear the words that are said in The air, and words without deeds, but they are the will of peoples, will be liberated and victorious, we will not accept humiliation after today and we will not allow them, so that the dance parties will continue over the dead ….


  1. jackiehenry · يونيو 9

    Your titles are provacative

    Liked by 2 people

  2. bukalor · يونيو 12

    true observations of some of the unsolvable problems in this insane world

    Liked by 1 person

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