Has any of you been betrayed, the types and level of betrayal may differ, for there is marital infidelity, partner infidelity, and the betrayal of a friend … Treason is varied, but treachery accompanied her? How did you feel, how did you receive the betrayal, did you forgive the other side, or did you ignore that, given your weakness in front of the other side, or turned your back and quietly withdrew, what about you? Have you betrayed your wife, friend, or partner, and then went to stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself, and how you feel in the sin complex, and discover that you are a traitor, and justify for ourselves our actions, and punish others for their actions, what do you do with them? Everything has its reasons … We may be the reason … My advice to you, my friends, go to your bedrooms and close the door well, look at the mirror, talk to your picture and discover yourself, maybe we know many things inside us that we did not realize ( Intentionally or unintentionally), or we know it and deny it, in escaping to the back, my friends, if we try to hide our truth then the mirror is our image, and whatever we try to escape and deny, there will be no escape, one day will come when our truth will appear….. to shorten the time and reconcile with ourselves, It is good for our children. A day may come and we will live in utopia.


  1. Subrata Mukherjee · يونيو 30

    Nothing is more wonderful,👍

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