it is only imagination

I grabbed that piece of your dress, without thinking, I attached it to my chest, I felt you, but without heat, I lifted it a little upward, for a distance approaching my eyes, that I see you, that I see your picture printed on your dress … I looked carefully, and did not like me Eyelid..I was not satisfied with my looks at you … to your garment … My thinking returned to me..and I put the garment back in place..and I look at the mirror, I see you inside, you look at me eagerly, and you stretch your hand to me, I approach the mirror to hold your hand , And I find nothing but my picture, and you go …. and stay alone … and lie on my bed … touch it …. here … here you were with me … and grabbed the pillow and attached it, and But it is without meat, without blood, without feeling … It is just an illusion … It is a lost imagination … I got up standing … I recovered my mental strength …….. I go to the balcony, inhale the smell of the morning, and watch The birds, and I hear their music, sometimes I understand them ….. they sing, dance and flirt … I stand up, look at them, approach me sometimes, and feel like you are one of them, you want to dance and sing to me, I don’t want this to end The party, wonderful melodies, with a delicate sense, lightness and agility, I give her the opportunity to be creative, I feel like I sing and dance with them, and you and I are among them, and in the middle of this calm … …. my phone rings, and I go to answer it ….. it is you … my love, you are fine, finally you called me .. how worried I was about you … and I hear your voice from afar ….. and come back To my reality and my mind returns to me … it is just a fantasy …..


  1. Nadia Willemse · يونيو 20

    I can feel it in my chest. Beautifully written!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Msdedeng · يونيو 20

    Wowza! You have a great imagination, or is this how you feel at certain times? Wonderful piece! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omatra7 · يونيو 20

    I loved this post also!! I think many can feel your words here – beautiful writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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