breast cancer

The daughter of our neighbor, was a quiet girl, who loves to study and learn and above all, she is a religious girl, and obeys her family, and is committed at home, until she became an excellent cook, she goes out when necessary from home, either to the university or either with her mother to shop Or visit a friend, after she graduated from university and became a doctor and a specialist in gynecology, she met with her co-worker, loved each other and married, and moved to live together in another place, they were understanding for each other, and they were similar in their behavior, gave birth to three children Male … She was attentive to her children, she devoted most of their time to them, and it was natural for them to be superior, amid this interest … she was feeling happy, a good loving and committed husband to her and his home, and polite, intelligent children … …. And despite that, she became a well-known doctor with a reputation, and distinguished her: she tolerated the poor and treated them for free, so that she put one day each week for free treatment ….. and won love and great fame in the city, despite I no longer see her, but her brother was my friend and I know everything from him ………… And about a year ago from now, she felt a swelling in her chest, she told her husband about it, her husband felt anxious, and they went to a doctor … After the tests, it was found that she had breast cancer …. her nerves were calm, she is a doctor and knows that the recovery rate is good, whatever she fears, perhaps that will affect the interest in children, she was keen to receive treatment and take doses Necessary .. After that, the doctors had to have a mastectomy, and she started recovering, and she returned to her activity in her clinic and caring for the children, they are still children .. she tried to compensate for tenderness and love for the past period, and she was very happy After the school results were released and they got the first positions in the school … and the most happy people came back, those poor people, who were waiting for treatment at her clinic for free ….. With the beginning of this year Coronavirus invaded the world, and I was traveling to a country Another, we sat on vacation three months and maybe more …. Today, in the morning, I called a friend to check on him, and in the course of the conversation he told me that the doctor was our neighbor (it was news like a thunderbolt) the phone fell out of my hand, he told me: that the doctor, Our neighbor passed away this morning. I told him how? He told me: Breast cancer returned to her, and she triumphed over him in the first round, but he was a murderer in the second and defeated her ….. Unfortunately she passed away … She left a sad apassednd loving husband, three male children, and many poor people Those who were treating then or who is waiting for his role ….. but silently, love, goodness, generosity, and generosity, is unparalleled ……. how hard you are, life …….


  1. macalder02 · يونيو 24

    The truth is that it is a very painful story because she is a dedicated Doctor with body and soul to her home, her profession and helping the poor. That hurts more than anything else.
    Your article leaves a life lesson to emulate in what you have at your fingertips.
    A big hug

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  2. Krista · يونيو 24


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  3. zita666479 · يونيو 24

    Very emotional and well put together, thank you for sharing

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  4. theatrealtair · يونيو 24

    …yes life isn’t fair – or unfair. But it’s hard for us, who love justice so much.

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  5. Omatra7 · يونيو 25

    Oh wow!! I am so sorry for the loss of your neighbor… I had the same thing…

    My last surgery was last July … I have also had a full mastectomy – but I had reconstruction too.

    So far nothing has come back 😳🙏 I pray that it does not.

    I am so very sorry for the loss of this life – I can feel that one! 😢💔

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  6. padmaja ramesh · يونيو 25

    So sad . 😔

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  7. Binte Bashir · يونيو 25

    Sad to know. May Allah protect everyone from such diseases. Wonderful post.

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  8. viewfromoverthehill · يونيو 29

    Life is precarious and bad things happen to good people. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Muriel

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    • Mounzer · يونيو 30

      Greetings from the heart for you, you are really a great woman and deserve respect 🙏♥️


  9. · يوليو 21

    Mounzer,you have told this tragic story well.I am very sorry for your neighbor and her family.Bad things do happen to good people sometimes.

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