Our sexy friend

Coronavirus infected this world from one extreme to the other, and many lost their lives, as a result of this malicious epidemic, and we sat in our homes obligated as a result of the forced closure, for more than two months, and also, and in the interest of our lives, we maintained the rules of health protection, and of course hygiene, and We wore protective paws most of the time, in addition to the mask on the face …. And so … The days passed slow on us and with great sadness, because the distances between people moved away, and those stuck here and there … and talking were terrible and there were multiple narrations. ….. And here it is today, most countries have returned, if only partially, to lifting the closure, and the wheel of life and activity is gradually rotating, while adhering to the health rules … and our companion that we have not abandoned for all of these days has remained like a piece of our bodies … he is our loyal friend, who protects us from danger, and he may have been a friend of women more, they compete in finding different models for him, and he excelled in choosing colors, and some of them possessed all the beautiful colors of him ….. Did you know who he is This loyal friend? …. yes, it is the mask …. Let’s be honest if we say: the mask has more important benefits, and I will be more frank, it hides the imperfections of the face, it may be the A man, who has a big nose, or a small mouth, but has distinct eyes, attracts attention, and attracts women …. And vice versa, too, we noticed that a woman looks more beautiful and seducing, with a mask, more exciting, and generates curiosity and passion In men, and a state of anticipation, for this or that girl, when will you remove the mask to show whether she deserves this admiration and excitement, or not …. I think many women, happy to wear it, they are even if temporarily, these days do not need operations Beauticians, and plastic surgeons are most affected by it now, it hides defects …. and many women will be saddened when Coronavirus disappears, and things return to normal …. then the plastic surgery clinics will crowd, and the smile will return to their faces, and Their pockets are filled with money … and the mask may become a model for a long time, and a part of women’s lives, like any important piece of dress …..


  1. The mask is our true friend en estos momentos, donde todos debemos unirnos como los paises hermanos que somos y cuidarnos 🙏🏼

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  2. Omatra7 · يوليو 1

    I really like the mask 😷 . I like that people can only see my eyes.

    I like my face too lol… but I like the mystery of the mask. It’s kinda cool. ✌️

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  3. girrrrrl_of_two_worlds · يوليو 1

    I absolutely love masks… I’ve always been annoyed when I bump into people that I know

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  4. girrrrrl_of_two_worlds · يوليو 1

    in unexpected places, so masks are awesome because they can’t recognize me!

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  5. girrrrrl_of_two_worlds · يوليو 1

    Whoops I think my comment got sent halfway…

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