Let the light enter your heart

In our actions in our daily life, whether at home, at work, in the market and even on the street we are exposed to many circumstances, some of which have a slight impact, and some of them may be influential, and sometimes change something, from our life, and these effects are positive Sometimes there is good for us, negative in other times and evil is upon us, and when good comes, we thank God for his contentment with us, and the light in our eyes increases, and hope strengthens, that we are on the right path for the sake of the next Paradise, and We praise Him and pray that goodness increase until it becomes abundant, and we perform prayer and religious duties, and we abound in obedience to God’s gracious gifts, without which we would not be able to solve the affliction with us, and we demand more forgiveness and love …. And on the other side when evil comes to us, Woe to calamity and calamity occurs, and the world becomes black in our eyes, and life turns into total darkness … then we curse the devil who is the cause of all evil and torment on the face of this earth, and frustration comes to us and despair dominates us, and we hold ourselves responsible, by neglect And moving away from the abode of truth, and that Satan took control of us and took us on his way ……….. but did we think … that this rebellious angel who came out On God’s control, and he put himself in the opposite bank …. Did we think, whether he was male, or was he a female? ….. Some say: Our mother Eve carried out his recommendation, he went to the female, and did not go to our father Adam (The male), and some say: He is male, because he did not want his recommendation to be fulfilled by a male, so he wanted to attach the charge to Eve, until the Day of Resurrection, especially since it is a rib from Adam … Then another returns and says: She is female, because the female Extremely cunning and intelligent and known as tricks, and weaknesses among others well …. And another comes to us saying: There are no females in the angels, and it is impossible for a female to rebel against the will of God ….. as another comes to us and says: that evil It comes from darkness, and darkness is feminine, and goodness comes from light and light is masculine … Whatever it is in these words ….. it is an endless debate, and if it is in its symbolism, it symbolizes good and evil Darkness and light, truth and falsehood, summit and abyss, Paradise and Hell ……. In my opinion, this universe is based on a male and a female … on the first dualism that God created, on the family, on the values that he sent God is revealed to us in His heavenly books …. And God guides his light to whomever He wishes …. You, dear reader, must be guided by light and t Serve the truth with your eyes and your heart, so let your heart be filled with faith and love, look at the sun that shines every day, let the light enter your heart, see hope and a new day, this hope must be accompanied by work, perseverance and follow-up, when you are guided by the sunlight, no You need to use the lamp, dear: If you do not see the eyes of the light of truth with your eyes in front of you, you will never see through the eyes of others and if they were mountains in front of you ….


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    Very nice!

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