Flower seller

Although she went to school every day, that did not prevent her from helping her family under their difficult living conditions, she was eating,changing clothes , and going out to work every afternoon, and after her mother in the morning had bought red roses from the gardener in the neighborhood She washes and arranges according to her beauty and cleanliness, and puts it in the papers in her basket and goes out, she does not move away from her home a lot, and her mother watches her constantly, for fear of her, she is still in thirteen years of age, and caution is necessary, there are several cafes and restaurants Enough to sell her basket if the number of lovers is good today, the number of roses does not exceed twenty red roses, does not increase or decrease, and the time required to sell them, usually, does not exceed four hours, and upon returning to the house, she was heading straight to study and Preparing for the next day ….. That was stressful for a child … She does not find time to play and have fun with her colleagues ….. but that gave her strength, confidence and experience, yesterday I did not find this girl at the usual time and place, and This day I did not meet her either, as she became known in the neighborhood, and due to her great friendliness and constant smile, she was loved by everyone ……. That prompted me to ask About her, because I know her father very well, because he was my primary school colleague …. I said, well, I will go to their home to check on the flower seller … a little while ago, I came out from them, the smell of love, in their house, they got used to it …. the girl was sick, she was exposed to the sun a lot in the last two days, and that affected her, so her mother asked her to rest, so that the heat would moderate a little …. so the seller of the roses is fine, and lovers are waiting for red roses that smell of love …


  1. Amazing History,con encuestas se puede ganar dinero en la pagina?

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  2. Reni´s Odds and Sods · يوليو 6

    What a lovely story. Thanks very much for sharing!
    XOXO Reni

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  3. maggie0405 · يوليو 13

    Beautiful story.

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  4. Eilidh Sienna · يوليو 14


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  5. Paul du Preez · يوليو 20

    Another sweet story that opens a window on community life.

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  6. gulfcoastpoet@gmail.com · يوليو 21

    Thank you, Mounzer for this beautiful story! Cheryl

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  7. Robert A Schorr · يوليو 26

    Very nice Mounzer. I enjoyed your story. And thank you for following my https://morningfrigate.com

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