Do not wait for anything from others

I was absent from writing for two weeks, and it was on purpose on my own … because I wanted to find my character without writing, how would I be? And how do I occupy my time …. I tried to contact a lot of friends and asked that we meet, but unfortunately, most of them do not even say they are all busy, and they do not have enough time, especially after the closure and the reopening gradually, they are looking for ways to make money Necessary for their families and children ….. and maybe I only met two or three, we sat down and everyone complained about his concerns and problems, and the talks were sad and regretted the beautiful past, and the memories that will not return … and these meetings increased from My depression and my loneliness, which I already suffer from, and I used to practice my daily sport by walking in the gardens, and whenever I went to walk, you feel serious on the faces of those who practice outdoor sports and as if they have tournaments in front of them, they prepare and train on them, and say, I found no one smiling, so everyone The faces are tight, compressed, and sometimes I was afraid to collide with someone by mistake, train with my body and empty his congestion and pressure …. And after two or three times … I refrained from practicing my favorite sport by walking in the gardens ….. I said: Why do I not watch football matches, and encourage my favorite team ….. And these days, every day two or three games are held … I sit watching matches in major leagues I saw, but unfortunately, in the absence of the audience, I did not find this excitement, and this passion and madness in the follow-up …. After two or three days, the same matter, I bored watching the matches, in a barren desert that needs a drop of water, and followed by rain In profusion ….. After that, I said: Why don’t I try cooking? My mother was keen to bring everything to me, and all my attempts (youth days) did not succeed in intruding on the kitchen, my mother, she wanted to be free to study and excel in her, and also my wife, she liked my comfort, and she brought everything to me, (Perhaps within them they were afraid of my absurdity in cooking, and the damage would be great for them, as a result of my failure to cook … and they were afraid to burn the stove) .. Despite my repeated attempts to enter the kitchen, the voices of my wife rose and turned into screaming, and it was The result ends with my expulsion from the kitchen, and I was back disappointed, broken mind ….. Then a new idea came, why do I not play football with my children in the small garden of the house, including sport and spending time, and I approach my children more, so I know them and know me Without the authority of the father, … and with the second or third day, I threw the ball with a shell from my feet, hitting the window of the neighbors and broke it, and the shouts came upon us, and I heard words that the ear did not pleased …. Then football completely retired, and yesterday At night, my wife and I sat in a quiet session, she said to me: Oh man, what happened to you, do you want to go back in time, live your day, you are no longer a young man, you are the age of the wise, you lived your past long and wide and you are a successful writer, continued to write and write, this is your future and neglect it, like the food that is beneficial to the body, in which the oxygen you breathe in,still a lot you didn’t write,.. Write, this life has a lot, many are waiting for your writing, and you have become loved and followers, don’t be stingy.. The thoughts in front of you, take what you want.. And it’s enough for you my husband that I be the only one who waits and watches every day what you write, don’t wait for others to praise, compliment and thank you, this is a time of selfishness, and don’t ask for money, for God alone gives you your reward, and be patient, because God loves the patient, and I have full confidence in you, that in the end you will obtain what satisfies you.


  1. inspirechief · يوليو 20

    Beautifully written. Your wife is a wise woman. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.

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  2. Omatra7 · يوليو 20

    Yes – the key to being happy is to enjoy your life and your world… know yourself …

    You can’t really count on others to brighten your world for you because every person has their own way of thinking which could be different from yours.

    When you learn to appreciate and love yourself suddenly your world brightens tenfold!

    Also, I do think sometimes the weight of social media also can make people stressed or depressed – make sure things that come into your life brighten it, not form a cloud

    Be careful of the influence of others inside your thoughts – that can weigh you down.

    I went off all social media except this… I am happier and feel freer to be whoever I want with my own thoughts

    Is important to know your own self.

    Stay Safe and I hope you find your peace ✌️ love reading your posts

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    • Mounzer · يوليو 20

      My dear, thank you for this wonderful and encouraging talk, you give me strength and incentive to continue, I am very happy with your participation 😍🌹🙏 ♥ ️

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      • Omatra7 · يوليو 20

        Yes please do continue! 🙏 I am happy to read your words always! You have great insight! ✌️😘

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      • Omatra7 · يوليو 20

        Sorry just want to say one other thing… when you write – you may think is nothing … but you do connect and sometimes your writing cause spark others who experience the same. Is nice when you can relate and not be alone

        When I write, for myself it helps me release things and I feel I can be free…

        And for others … I hope that maybe it will help someone not feel so alone ❤️✌️

        Your writing is important

        And you do have a brilliant wife – she sounds very supportive and loving – you chose well!

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      • Mounzer · يوليو 20

        My dear, you are also a wonderful person, you have a great feeling, and you are a source of inspiration and a source of giving, my friendship pleases me 😍🙏

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      • Omatra7 · يوليو 20

        Thank you very much 😊🥰❤️

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      • Mounzer · يوليو 20


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    • Msdedeng · يوليو 21

      Oh my gosh, our views are very similar 🙂

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  3. Paul du Preez · يوليو 20

    Lovely. I enjoyed peering that window into another life – your life. Thank you.

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  4. Msdedeng · يوليو 21

    Mounzer, this was beautifully written. Some of the things you mentioned like serious faces outside during your walks, I share those experiences too, but don’t be out for them, it is for you. If you say hello and the other person is all in, that’s well good, but don’t stop your walks because people seem serious. Honestly, they probably are facing their own challenges too. When you write like this from the heart, you connect us all.
    Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman, please send her my greetings too.

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    • Mounzer · يوليو 21

      My dear, sincere people, always speak from the heart, thank you for caring, your words increase love in me, and it gives hope, all respect for you .. 😍🌹 ♥ ️🙏

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  5. helps to reflect and think about the things we want for ourselves in the future, knowing what things do us good

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  6. Michael Newberry · يوليو 21

    It is a funny story, and an interesting narrative of an artist. Things do not go right when an artist/writer does not create, life goes flat. And your wife is wise to not only keep you out of the kitchen but she knows that it is about creating to create.

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  7. ✨✨✨⁦♥️⁩

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